Monday, June 15, 2015

What We're Listening To Wednesdays - 06/17/15 Edition

Fran - Blink 182 / Dammit

I have been listening to a ton of music lately but it has all been background noise.  One song reminds me of another and I just keep listening away.  For some reason, I was driving in my new car (it is NOT a minivan) and this band popped into my head.  I am not a Blink 182 fanatic.  I own some of their CD's but at the time who didn't.  When I got to this song I just put it on repeat.  This was the first song I had heard from them.  Before Travis Barker when they were up and coming.  Still more punk than anything they have put out since.

Stephanie - Butch Walker / Maybe It's Just Me & Synthesizers

Fran has already blogged about Butch Walker a few times.  I introduced Fran to the wonder that is Butch Walker not long after we became friends.  I love this man (Butch, not Fran).  I can go to him for just about any mood I'm in and he delivers.

My bittersweet song:  "Maybe It's Just Me".  When you care about someone enough to walk away and hope they're happier.  Even if it's without you.

My "I Just Want To Be Fucking Happy" Song:  "Synthesizers".  This is my go-to song for when I'm incredibly happy or desperately need to be incredibly happy.  Yes, that's Matthew McConaughey reprising his Dazed and Confused movie role.  Look for Butch behind the bar, slinging drinks.

Gita – Red Hot Chili Peppers / Blood Sugar Sex Magik

I love my RHCP boys and Blood Sugar Sex Magik is by far my favourite RHCP album. And one of their best song, for sure. The making of this gem wasn't easy, though. They were just going through the 1988 heroin overdose death of Hillel Slovak (the founding guitarist), plus Anthony and John had struggled in the drug's grip. Their music had progressed into some king of sex obsessed formula with heavy riffage. BSSM created a sound so unique and viable that you just had no choice but to love it. Respect!

Cathi – Sam Phillips / Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us

Though Sam Phillips wrote “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us,” Robert Plant and Alison Krauss first recorded their dread-tinged take in 2007. A year or so later, Sam Phillips’ and her band reclaimed it with their enchanting, lively version that at times sounds like what you might hear at a moonlit party on a gypsy caravan. I want to go to that party! And I do realize I just used the word ‘enchanting’ but it’s fitting—for the entire Don’t Do Anything album, in fact. This Sam Phillips is much different from the one I first heard in the ‘90s with “I Need Love.” Though I loved that song, “Sister Rosetta Comes Before Us” is representative of Sam Phillips’ evolution as a musician.

Joel - Probot / Red War

Probot was a side project from that Foo Fighter guyand was released on Southern Lord Records in 2004. It had a heavy metal all star cast , Cronos from Venom, Wino, King Diamond, Some old dude named Lemmy something and Max Cavelera from Sepultura (I don't really acknowledge his other work) . This track features MC and is my favorite from the album. His voice is my favorite metal voice always has been. The whole record is worth a listen.

Shane - The Ongoing Concept / Failures & Fakes

I stumbled upon these guys recently and so far diggin' the shit out of them . The video, much like the song, is very chaotic. I don't really know what's going on but I can't stop watching. Definitely entertaining and worth checking out. 

See you when the needle drops!

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