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 Fran Chismar - Founder/Writer (Twitter @fran_chismar)

I'm Fran. I like to write. Mainly, I like writing about music. I also like writing stories, many of which only I find amusing. I was voted most talkative in High School, which in no way correlates to my writing. I started this music blog called 'My Music, My Concerts, My Life' and recruited other writers so it could be their music, their concerts, their life too. Our blog started with a couple readers and has graduated to a few readers. Bands tend to like us, which is nice, because we like us too. Our goal is to focus on the music we love and not to expel energy on the music we do not.  We simply want to change your lives one band at a time.  As for me, I think I am best described by the list of concerts that I have attended.


Stephanie Posey – Writer (Twitter @OnTheRocksSteph)

Stephanie is the funniest and most sincere writer I know.  What she writes is funny, because it is honest. That is something that many of us will never achieve.  Whether it is Indie, Rock, Metal, or anything that rocks you will get it straight up from Steph.  You can catch her full time at her blog, Steph On The Rocks.


Tom Zonkowski - Writer (Twitter @TomZonkowski)

Tom is one of the nicest guys I know.  Also one of the most intense.  Make sure that his music is spiked with adrenaline.  All that aside, he is a lover of all things music and can recognize a good song for what it is whether it is fast or slow.  Tom has some fantastic stories about Bob Mould and Henry Rollins too.  Make sure you ask him!


Special Guests

Michael Toolan Roche - Guest Writer (Twitter @ZombiesVacation)

Outside of Philadelphia, born and raised,
Musical theater and punk is what he craved.
A member of SAG/AFTRA, plus he teaches school,
And he makes some videos you can see on YouTube.

He’s got bands Deck 5 and Zombies On Vacation,
Wrote the play Arnold Dingelmeyer, to much jubilation
Now he’s writing for this site, if you haven’t heard
And the name of his blog is Real / Absurd.


Marcus Sherwin - Guest Writer (Twitter @geemarcusX)

Marcus loves all kinds of music.  Mostly he loves the weird and dissonant combined with the surprising and complex. His early fascination with prog eventually led him to troll the depths of obscure and esoteric underground metal of all flavors. Marcus loves live music even if his ears sometimes complain.  Currently he's fascinated with filling the huge gaps in his knowledge of classic soul, and listening to a lot of ambient instrumental music of various flavors.


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