Monday, October 23, 2017

Concert Review: Magic Giant @ The Foundry - Philadelphia, PA 10/15/17

Music is a medium. Emotions translate into melodies like a blackout-inducing power surge. Songwriters can transform great sadness into song and weave joy into a melody. Heartache and happiness leave their hearts and we absorb them into our souls. This past Sunday at the Foundry in Philadelphia, Magic Giant sent love. Their music hugged me and told me I was pretty. Never had a concert made me feel so loved – unless we include the time I made out with a random girl in the parking lot at a Grateful Dead show.  I don’t think that one counts. 


Monday, October 9, 2017

Concert Review: KMFDM @ Underground Arts - Philadelphia, PA 10/06/17

Dark times were rampant in 1984.  It was the year of Orwell's Big Brother, and Apple made sure they sold the paranoia with their Super Bowl XVIII commercial, depicting bleak interpretations of conformity - ringing strangely true to the red menace of communism that was threatening our individualism. AIDS had ended the era of free love, and crack cocaine took the pleasure out of casual drug use. White supremacists engaged in a gun battle with the FBI.  There was a deadly tornado, a serial murderer, and a Miss America scandal. The Soviet Union boycotted the Summer Olympics as the Cold War raged on amid fears of nuclear annihilation.  As a 14-year-old boy, I was scared.  I was scared of big brother watching me.  I was scared of a nuclear attack.  I was scared of girls. I had plenty of questions and no answers.  Would tensions with Russia lead to war?  Would I get drafted? Would I ever get laid?  It was a frightening time in my life, and I took solace in music.  Today, there is no shortage of political unrest.  North Korea continues its quest to join the nuclear arms race. White supremacists marched through Virginia.  There are chemical weapons attacks, mass murder shootings, and severe hurricanes.  Big Brother has turned from political commentary to a reality television show.  And after many relationships, I am still afraid of women. There are still major issues in this world.  I still have questions, and I still don't have answers.  Will tensions with North Korea lead to war?  Will my boys get drafted? Will I ever get laid?  Not much has changed.  Not even KMFDM.


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