Sunday, November 20, 2016

Concert Review: Cult Leader @ Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA 11/15/16

I've never heard Cult Leader before November 15th. I beg the pardon of Cult Leader and their following for my ignorance of the genre they represent. I'm going to open this post to the possibility for discussion on this genre (Metal Core, Grind Core, Death Metal) and similar genres. You can all thank Cult Leader for this opportunity to discuss.  I've heard the YouTube personality Tempo talk about the subtlety of the vocals and guitar sound that define these differences. I always thought it all sounded the same and was really kind of boring. My first exposure to the ultra grinding sound was a band called Death from the 80's. Blazing fast, demonic sounding vocals, intensity but who gives a shit when it all sounds the same!!! I've been curious about the subtlety but remembering what Death sounded like I never could drum up the patience to investigate. This night I would get my chance ready or not!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Behind the Wall of Mystique: An Interview with KOLARS

In today's internet age it is quite impossible to be mysterious.  If I were to do a google search on myself I am sure it would spit out at least ten pages of useless info.  The same cannot be said about the band KOLARS.  That is exactly the way they'd prefer it. The two piece outfit would rather you discover them aurally and visually.   The way we used to discover bands.  In fact, the best way to discover bands.  Seeing KOLARS live is more than a concert.  It is a performance.  Exuding raw energy, Lauren Brown drums a full kit while tap dancing on the bass drum.  Her body lurches and moves in a hypnotic state along with Rob Kolars' haunted rockabilly howlings.  It leaves one wanting more.  Fortunately, Rob and Lauren were willing to sit down and talk about what drives their music, performance, and mystique.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Lost Boys, Spelling Mistakes, and Aggressive Power Rock: An Interview with Matt and Ryan of Marina City

One of the coolest thing about My Music, My Concerts, My Life is getting turned on to new bands. Even cooler is that we get to talk to these bands. More often then not the bands we end up digging hit it big and we get to say we got in on the ground floor. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor with Marina City.  You're welcome.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Concert Review: Capital Cities @ The TLA - Philadelphia, PA 11/05/16

I miss phone contests for radio stations. Even if they were looking for caller ten and you were caller six you still felt like you had a chance to win.  Nowadays you type a password into a website and wait.  Not the same thrill.

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