Thursday, June 25, 2015

Concert Review: Marilyn Manson

I often feel like I missed a lot by "blooming" (I hate that term but there it is) later in life.

One of those things I regret missing is seeing a band or singer perform in their heyday, actually getting to witness firsthand the crazy, bizarre spectacles of music legend.  So when I saw that Marilyn Manson was coming to Iron City in Birmingham, Alabama on April 26th, 2015, I bought tickets as soon as they were available online.

My good friend Tonya decided to travel all the way from Jacksonville, Florida to see the concert with my husband and me.  She had already seen him in concert twice but that's just the kind of girl she is.  She did what most of us are too pussy to do - instead of saying "Oh, man, I wish I could see that with you", she went and just fucking made it happen.  We all should be more like she is.  You're amazing, my dear.
I snagged 3 tickets to what would become a sold out show and hoped that I might possibly see even a portion of the spectacle that used to be a Marilyn Manson concert.  I wouldn't say that Marilyn himself gave me a portion of that vision but thanks to my fellow concert goers, I saw maybe a glimmer of the heyday.  I'll have to be happy with that.

We started drinking as soon as we arrived and my traditional three pre-concert beers stopped at two because then hard liquor came in.  Black Russians, specifically.  Things got hazier throughout the night but this is what I remember with clarity.

We went straight to the floor and actually got in pretty decent position since we were running a bit late and missed the opening act.  I don't even know who it was.  I'm sorry, Manson Opening Act.  I'm sure you were spectacular.

We didn't have to wait long but I guess it was too long for Tonya because she yelled "Get your paunchy ass out here, Marilyn!" and everyone around us instantly loved her.

He did get his paunchy ass out there and he put on a pretty good show.  I mean, Iron City isn't a huge venue.  This isn't the 90's.  Marilyn is getting older.  It showed.  That's okay.  Aren't we all?  His voice cracked here and there, he seemed winded at times.  Again, aren't we all?  I'm not sure I could get up on a stage and do what he does as often as he does.  

There were advantages to seeing him in a smaller venue, where you could see him purposely smear his makeup all over his face to resemble The Joker (I don't think that was the look he was going for but who am I to decide?) and also smear fake blood all over himself.  Again, it could've been real blood for all I know but for the sake of getting any good sleep tonight without nightmares, let's go with fake blood.

Marilyn did talk to us before each song but it was mostly mumblings that referenced the next song title.  He even brought up the Denny's punching incident.  He has a pretty a good sense of humor.

Marilyn's latest album, The Pale Emperor, is pretty bad ass but since I missed out on the heydey, I was really looking forward to seeing some of the old favorites performed live.  He delivered a really good mix of the new and old.  The setlist had just about everything a Manson fan would want.  

Here are some pictures from the night from a very talented local concert photographer:

But the fans there that night are the ones who really gave me a glimpse of what an early Manson show might have been like.  They made the night.  As soon as we entered the venue, I ran into Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies.

And then greatness once again showed itself on the floor during the concert.

I'm kind of a control freak and always go to a concert armed with the set list or at least as close an approximation of the set list that I can find.  I was yelling out whatever song was coming next to my husband and Tonya when a fabulous young man standing in front of us, wearing a stud covered army jacket, took notice and turned around to face me.  By fabulous, I mean probably gay.

This fabulous young man yelled "YOU DO THAT, TOO?!"  I informed him that I never go to a concert unarmed and then he yelled (I shit you not, I can't make this up), "LET'S LINK ARMS FOR THE NEXT SONG!"  So we did.  We linked arms and swayed and stomped - again, while linking arms - for the entirety of "The Dope Show" and then this fabulous young man walked forever out of my life, never to be seen again that night.  I didn't even get a picture of us.  

I'm very sad right now.

But then it was over and we were back at the bar ordering another round of Black Russians when these fabulous young men and women entered our lives.

Tonya and me early in the night

Very nice girls we met after the concert

Another fabulous young man

The fabulous young man above was with a fabulous young friend of his.  Sadly, I accidentally deleted most of my pictures from that night so I don't have a picture of him but he was wearing a fur cape and matching hat.  They invited us to go to the local gay bar with them, we agreed, and that's where the night gets fuzzy.  Really fuzzy.  

Here are a couple videos from that night.  I was really looking forward to mOBSCENE and he didn't disappoint.  The place went absolutely crazy, myself included.

In summary, if you've never seen Marilyn Manson before, go see him.  It's worth it.  If you have seen him before, go anyway.  It's a different experience to see a concert in a smaller venue and he still puts on a pretty damned good show.

Till next time, y'all.  


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