Saturday, June 13, 2015

Slavic Soul Party @ Johnny Brendas - Philadelphia, PA 9/7/13

I was hanging at The Man Cave talking concerts and music.  That is what you do at the Man Cave. We were talking about upcoming shows and throwing out band names when Repo mentioned Slavic Soul Party.  I had never heard of them but just the name alone sounded like a good time.  He brought up a YouTube video so that I could get a look.

The Brooklyn band was going to be at Johnny Brenda's in the Fishtown section of Philly. Tickets were $12.  Kind of hard to pass something like that up.  Tickets were bought and I planned on meeting Repo there.

As I started driving there I realized the neighborhood that it was in...and I didn't remember it being nice.  I panicked a little bit but as I got closer I was surprised at how nice it had become.  Outdoor cafe's and trendy restaurants.  I felt much better about parking.

The first floor is the restaurant.  They offer an incredible local, draft, craft beer selection.

In no time I was taking off my shirt and comparing back tattoos with the  I ordered dinner which was reasonably priced and wonderful.  Repo showed up and we went upstairs.

What a cool, intimate venue.  A small area with a balcony and a bar.  The stage area is set with a lit beaded background.  This was going to be great.

The opening act was Falu.  I did not know Falu.  But I like them!!!  Falu was born in India and raised in NY which explains why her and her band play a mix of Classical Indian music that is intertwined with more of a modern sound.

The crowd was into it.  As they should be.  They were in a groove and it was dreamy and somewhat sexual.  What it there not to like about that?


I was standing at the bar and I got into a beer conversation with one of the guys.  I ended up sharing my beer with him.  Yes, I let a stranger drink out of my glass.  Don't ask me why.  Maybe I had too much to drink.  After Falu's set was over he said thank you and he got on stage.  He was part of Slavic Soul Party.  What a surprise!

Slavic Soul Party is exactly that.  A party.  Many of the concert goers travel to see them play.  They play a mean groove and know how to work the crowd. 

Down in front of the stage was a blind man rocking away.  It was an incredible time.  It was like the high school band was cool all of a sudden.  The energy in the room was incredible through their entire set.

They were playing a mixture of Slavic tunes and even some reggae.  It rocked from start to finish and they kept the crowd moving.  It was hard not to smile.  It was as though I was being taken on a journey and everyone knew where we were going but me. 

The next day I listened to Falu and Slavic Soul Party all day.  As a matter of fact I listened to them the next few days.  I was hooked.  It was a fun time and I would definitely see them again.  And again.  And again...

See you at the next show!


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