Monday, December 11, 2017

Morrissey Cancels Philadelphia Concert Date

Four hours before the doors were set to open, we received the all too familiar news delivered by Bigmouth himself.  Morrissey had cancelled yet another show, this time in Philadelphia at the Fillmore due to a sickness in the touring party.  Although obvious and expected, it was still disappointing.  I was first introduced to The Smiths in 1986 by my high school English teacher, who is soon to be immortalized by Josh Radnor on the TV show “Rise” in March on NBC.  Appalled that I had not heard The Smiths, he made me a cassette copy of The Queen is Dead – the very next day.  Immediately, I fell in love. Our love was not traditional.  Morrissey and I were connected in life by a series of letdowns and disappointments.  His latest cancellation was just another one of those connections.  I have always wanted to see Morrissey play live and even now, over 30 years later, seeing him perform a show still eludes me.

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