Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jimmy Buffett @ Susquehanna Bank Center - Camden, NJ 6/25/13

Jimmy Buffett is a guilty pleasure of mine.  It speaks of summer, beer, and sand.  Who doesn't like that?

Although I am a long time Parrothead it wasn't until 2009 that I made the plunge and saw him in concert and since then it has been an annual event of drinking in the parking lot and singing along to the music.

The first couple of years we grabbed lawn seats.  That was until a drunken college kid pissed on my leg.  Since then the seats are a much better option, even though they are $130.00 each.

Since Jimmy is now 67 years old and survived a recent fall off stage in Australia, I often wonder just how much longer he will do this.  Knowing that both of my boys love him we decided that this would be the year that we take both of them to the show.  They know and love the music, and this could be their only chance.

Tickets sell out quickly, even when he would do multiple nights on the Camden riverfront.  I had to be quick and I was.  I nabbed 4 tickets in the seats.

The boys were EXCITED.  Were managed to get home from work in time to do a little tailgating.  We brought Primo Hoagies, Landshark Beer, some Leis and the game Washers.

 We were having a great time...even when the major thunderstorm came through.

It was time to walk over to the show.  We grabbed our shirts and went in.  Typically, we by the bootleg shirts for $10 in the parking lot but I felt like this was a special occasion.  And I was tired of getting the XXL that someone pulls out of their sweatpants to sell me.

We grabbed some food and sat down.  Well, stood up.  The concerts are always a party.  We were throwing beach balls and dancing.

The one thing I like about Buffett shows is that he has such a vast catalog that you always get a mix of favorites, cover songs and collaborations and some deep cuts that you didn't know you loved yet.

The opening music is typically 'Hot Hot Hot' but this year it was switched up to 'Brown Eyed Girl'.  He sounded wonderful.  He had a wonderful backing band.  His backup singers are stars in their own right and Mac McAnally is a great singer songwriter himself.

The concert was great and the kids were loving it.

We were treated to an acoustic set in the middle.  He doesn't always do that but it is great when he does.  Southern Cross was a highlight!!!

I always love when he sings 'A Pirate Looks at 40'.  And we were lucky enough to hear Mac sing the hit he penned 'Back Where I Come From'.  When Jimmy added his version of 'All Night Long' that he did with Lionel Richie the crowd went crazy.

My kids loved the encores with 'Knee Deep' and 'Margaritaville'

It was a long fun night but the fun always has to end.  I am glad we could give the kids that night.  I am sure that they will always remember that.  I know that I will. 

See you at the next show!


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