Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Original Sountrack Songs of the 80's

The 80's were filled with Soundtrack hits.  Kenny Loggins and Phil Collins were the Soundtrack Kings.  I am not here to talk about them though.  I am here to talk about the soundtracks that spoke to me.  The songs that in many secretive ways were the soundtrack to my life.  The songs that would play in my head as I walked through high school hallways and school dances.  This may or may not have included parachute pants or skinny ties bought from Chess King.  Today I bring you My Top 10 Favorite Original Soundtrack Songs of the 80's.

Breakfast Club - Don't You (Forget About Me) / Simple Minds - This list would not be a list without a John Hughes soundtrack.  This track was originally passed up by Billy Idol, who later recorded it perhaps as a nod to what might have been.  It is hard not to hear the Simple Minds sing it now.  It almost makes me want detention.

Pretty in Pink - Bring on the Dancing Horses / Echo & The Bunnymen - This John Hughes soundtrack was just filled with winners.  It is hard picking only two songs from this movie.  This Echo track hit just when you couldn't get enough of the band.

Pretty in Pink - If You Leave / O.M.D. - John Hughes soundtracks gave great new wave and punk artists the opportunity to leave cult underground status and get serious radio play.  This instance was no different for Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark. This song gave listeners the chance to go back and discover great tracks like Enola Gay.

She's Having A Baby - This Woman's Work / Kate Bush - To this day I swear I have never cried to the montage in the movie where this song is played.  I am sticking to that.  Instead, lets focus on just how kick ass this soundtrack is as a whole.

Modern Girls - But Not Tonight / Depeche Mode - Bad movie...great song.  This song ended up perhaps being the most upbeat song the band produced during the Martin Gore era.  It lightens the dark and gloomy 'Black Celebration' album as well.

Lost Boys - Cry Little Sister / Gerard McMann - Am I the only one that scoured the record stores for more by Gerard?  I never did hear anything else from him.  Maybe it is best that way.  One singular, perfect track to highlight this Corey and Corey movie.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Somebody's Baby / Jackson Browne - The Dugout Scene.  Say No More.

Weird Science - Weird Science / Oingo Boingo - This is before Danny Elfman became the real king of the soundtrack.  Oingo Boingo lays down the title track in the fashion of a a crazy cool mad scientist.  Oh Kelly LeBrock, it was all down hill from there.

Beverly Hills Cop 2 - I Want Your Sex / George Michael - The only reason I even bought this soundtrack was to get a hold of this song.  It was a small preview as to how incredible Faith would be.  On a side note, this vinyl album was so flimsy it was single handedly the reason it was the last vinyl album I bought.

Less Than Zero - Going Back to Cali / LL Cool J - Rap didn't really get much cooler than this.  LL lays it down smooth for this iconic flick.  Bikini small, heels tall, she said she likes the ocean.

Honorable Mention - Eye of the Tiger / Survivor - I know this selection doesn't fit in with the rest of the list but how can you hear this song and not get pumped up thinking about Rocky kicking Mr. T's ass???  You can't, so it makes the list.

One of my favorite stories about 80's soundtracks has to do with the movie 'Say Anything'.  Cameron Crowe hired The Smithereens to write the theme song.  They came up with the brilliant 'Girl Like You'.  Crowe thought that the song gave away too much of the plot so he went with 'In Your Eyes' instead.  There are so many more great ones but these are my 10 and I am sticking with it.   I don't want it to end hear.  I want to know what your Top 10 are.  We shall have a Readers Revenge.

See you when the needle drops!


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