Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Album Review - Butch Walker / Afraid of Ghosts

I have been know to wax poetic about Butch Walker.  Besides reviewing a show of his at The Stone Pony.   I have also written an open letter to him.  I love his music but I was afraid of what direction he might be heading with his constant bitterness toward the music industry.  And then came 'Afraid of Ghosts'

'Afraid of Ghosts' is about as open-hearted as an musician can get.  If you ever wondered what Butch was feeling about the loss of his father or life in general, now you know.  Not that Butch has been one to hide his emotions he has never been quite as candid as this.  Now here is the real question.  Is it good?

Time will tell.  At first listen, the album very much reminds me of 'Love is Hell' by Ryan Adams, who consequently, was the producer of this album.  The production of Adams fits Walker like a glove as both artists live in similar vane.  Many of the songs give you the feel that Adams could have penned them himself.  'Love is Hell' is an album that I only grew to appreciate over time.  I have a feeling this will be the similar fate of 'Afraid of Ghosts'.

The album is very low key as a whole which is something that a hard rocker like Butch Walker hadn't put forth to this date.  It is pensive and introspective.  I understand now why 'Peachtree Battle' was released as a stand alone EP, as it is more upbeat in nature, even while tackling difficult subjects like the pending death of his father.

Certain songs stand out, some sound like recycled melodies, and some just blend into each other.  This album could easily soundtrack of drinking by yourself.  That is the kind of candidness and raw emotion that seeps over you.

You have to be in the right frame of mind to listen.  You may have to listen once and put it away for a while.  Kind of like Beck's 'Sea Change'.  This album is good and definitely one that Butch should be proud of.  He did his own thing.  And it shows.  Will this album become one of my favorites though?

Only time will tell.  If I'm not ready for it now I know that at some point I will be.

See you when the needle drops!



  1. I'm totally gonna listen to this while I drink by myself. It's a good album! And an awesome review.

    1. Thank you Gita! This is one of those albums that after a late night of listening and drinking you have to do something dangerous the next day to get yourself out of a funk. Lol.


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