Sunday, February 15, 2015

Book Review - 33 1/3 Book Series - Beastie Boys / Paul's Boutique by Dan LeRoy

Matt Dike.

If you are a fan of the Beastie Boys and you do not know who this is then this book is a must read.

When Paul's Boutique came out I wasn't quite sure what I thought about it.  I did not fully understand or appreciate it yet.  I was still looking for the stage show with the giant penis.  They were going for something radically different than the mainstream.  It took quite a few years to get it.  To understand their influences and revel in their dense tribute to the 70's.  This book will help that appreciation along.


This is one of the more detailed in the series.  It outlines their falling out with Def Jam and their dislike what 'Fight for your Right' had become and stood for.  It introduces you to the genius of Matt Dike of Delicious Vinyl and how a demo made by he and the Dust Brothers ended up in the hands of the Beasties.  It describes what they loved and what they were shooting for in a record.  Their love of the 70's.  The recording and the shenanigans.  It sheds light as to just how intelligent that they really are.  Most importantly if details a track by track breakdown of sample and process.  The means in which they chose their samples and how it was a love affair on many levels.

The section on how unappreciated it was after its release is telling.  This is a full chronicle even delving as much as it can into Matt Dike's turn from DJ in demand to recluse.  The struggles with Capital seem to be a running theme with the industry at large.

I do appreciate this album more than anything.  Even more than De La Soul's 3 FT High and Rising.  I appreciate that an album like this will never be made again due to sampling laws.  Enjoy it.  Pick it apart.  Dare yourself to listen and hear something you've never heard before.  It is a masterpiece that sells more today than when it was released.

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