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Concert Review: MAYVE @ Coda - Philadelphia, PA 04/28/16

MAYVE released their EP Animals in January of this year to our rave reviews.  It's almost May.  What has MAYVE been up to?  Well, they were in Philadelphia opening up for Miami Horror.  How's that for new?

There is nothing more exciting than watching things happen for a band you love.  From the moment I listened to Animals I was hooked.  This was my chance to see the band play live and hopefully talk to them about what has happened since the release of their EP.

I was let in early and the guys were just finishing their sound check. I knew they were going to be busy but I made my way over and introduced myself.

After saying hello I grabbed lead singer Nick and asked them how life has changed since dropping their EP earlier this year.  I was surprised to find out that they had originally recorded Animals three years ago as a three piece (Nick, Mike, and Joe) and will have a new EP, entitled Motion, later this year.  Nick explained when Matt and Kyle joined the band that their chemistry really clicked and they were excited about the new music.  I tried to hide my fanboy excitement when I asked if they were going to play any of the new stuff tonight.  With the exception of two songs their thirty minute set was going to be all new music.  I may have gotten giddy.

It was a challenging night for a show in the center of Philly.  It was midweek and it was raining.  Not to mention that Pearl Jam was in town and it was also night one of the NFL draft.  People were slow coming in but they were coming in.  Coda is weird space because it's deep.  It's hard to tell how many people are in the place when they are spread out.  But when MAYVE hit the stage it was exciting to see heads pop up and feet shuffling to the front of the stage.

They started off the set with "Talking to Myself" which is the opening track to Animals.  Definitely an attention getter.  Not only did the crown shuffle to the front but heads were bobbing.

You could easily see the chemistry between these life long friends.  Not only do they enjoy making music, they enjoy each other.  That is a combination you can't just put together.  You can't fake it.  If you force it the fans will know.  This was genuine.  It was high energy from start to finish.

Finally the moment I had been waiting for.  New music!  Nick had mentioned it was a little deeper.  That is was.  What I was witnessing was a band that was growing faster than they could get their music to you.  The music was still 80's drenched but their influences were getting more vast.  Along with the obvious, Duran Duran, you could start hearing The Smith and Echo and the Bunnymen.  Mike and Matt mentioned after the show those were band they were listening to and discovering.  You could hear the influence on their music.

I was really digging their set and so was the crowd.  The band had their attention from the moment they went on.  I watched the crowd almost as much as I watched the band.  I watched as they discovered MAYVE just like I had.  After the show, as I was talking to Mike, a woman walked by and said how much she had enjoyed their set.  Does it get any better than that?

Even with a few technical difficulties the band handled it like pros.  If it wasn't for the fact they pointed them out to me I wouldn't have noticed.  They sounded tight!  I was concerned with how polished Animals was that it was a sound that could not be reproduced live.  I was wrong.  They completely rocked it.

I love Animals but I was completely digging the new music.  The hard part now is waiting for Motion to drop.  I got a taste but wanted more.  The band finished with "West Coast".  A fitting ending to their set.  I patiently waited at the merch table after their gig to get a shirt and talk to them some more.

During Beacon's ambient, trip hoppy set I got to speak with Mike about MAYVE's time in Philly and what their plans were. They were going to see the town after the show but the next night they were direct support for Penguin Prison back in NY and had to get back.  I had no doubt this would be a great show.

The band got together to talk and to let this all sink in. The place was now packed as Miami Horror took the stage.  I watched them plow through the set as the crowd went wild.

It was a great night and a lot to take in.  Before the show I spoke with Nick if the band was willing to move to the West Coast to facilitate making this happen.  They were content staying in Long Island and making it there.  They didn't only want to make it there, but they want to make a whole scene happen there.  Five hometown guys, friends, being together and making it happen.  They do it for the same reason I am here late at night typing this.  It's not for the fame or the money.  It's for the dream.  We do it because we love it.

Support MAYVE and get their EP Animals on iTunes or listen on Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music.

See you when the needle drops!


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