Sunday, May 22, 2016

Album Review: A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead

Dear Tool,

Please take Radiohead's lead.  Sometimes you just have to stop over thinking everything and just do what you do best.  Make hauntingly beautiful music.

On the 16th anniversary of the release of Kid A and "How to Disappear Completely" Radiohead disappeared completely. All traces of their online social media was erased. Almost as to clean the slate and start over.  Shortly after, they reappeared. The surprise was a new Radiohead album.

A Moon Shaped Pool is the most enjoyable Radiohead album for me in years.  I am not saying I did not enjoy their previous albums.  I admire them.  Kind of  like I would admire a Picasso.  Their wall of sound is still there but in contrast to fragile melodies.  The music is still technical, but not by Radiohead standards.  Songs like "Daydreaming" take me back to The Bends.  I'm not waxing poetic.  I am just being nostalgic.  This is much better than The Bends.

Although the album has its share of heavier moments like "Burn the Witch" or "Ful Stop" I am drawn to the orchestral overtones and their softer side like "Glass Eyes".  It's not so much the melodies as it is the lyrics.  They are tender and raw draped in anxiety and panic.

There is something for every fan of Radiohead on this album.  They return to their roots but they also don't forget their journey.  They have grown.  Perhaps enough to fondly look back at the steps along the way.

There is a tenderness and frailty to this offering. A gift if you will. We may have waited five years for this release but it was well worth the wait.

See you when the needle drops.


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