Sunday, May 29, 2016

Album Review: Waiting on Cool by Heyrocco

Heyrocco released their debut album, Teenage Movie Soundtrack, last year on Old Flame Records.  Why the new EP, Waiting on Cool, so early in 2016?  Because change is in the air, and it is fucking awesome!

Growth and maturation are a natural progression.  Confidence is a key ingredient in this process.  It's obvious that this trio from Charleston, South Carolina have a boat load of confidence because they are growing in leaps and bounds. On Teenage Movie Soundtrack, like any new release from a new band, there are songs they have been carrying with them since inception.  In many instances, by the time we get to hear these songs the band has been playing them for years.  Heyrocco shows their excitement for new material and the future with the release of Waiting on Cool. A future that seems bright.

Their lyrical content has expanded past high school subject matter and has gotten a little deeper without losing their sense of humor.  Even the title, Waiting on Cool, refers to waiting for band mate Christopher Cool who is not pictured on the album cover.  Their musical sensibilities have grown as well.  It is a little less grunge than the label they've been tagged with and a little more 90's college indie rock.  It reeks of the slacker bravado that Pavement possessed in their heyday.  You can hear influences of Built to Spill oozing from the grooves and taking a life of their own.  This EP could be the follow up album I've been waiting for from Manchester Orchestra.  Producer Brendon Benson seems to be the perfect guide to help them along their way.

My only wish is that this were a full length album rather than an EP.  Every listen has me concentrating on a different song.  The energy from "Yeah" gets replaced with the Sublime-esque "Venice Beach"  The rawness of "Perfect World" gets covered by the sensitivity of "Slice of Life". This EP is the uncorking of their emotional hormones that gets spewed out on vinyl. The real test will be how well these songs translate live.

They are already working on new material that is due out in early 2017. Waiting on Cool is available now on iTunes and Apple Music.  Pick up your copy today. Tour dates can also be found on their website.

See you when the needle drops!


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