Monday, April 14, 2014

READERS REVENGE - Top Favorite Bands From New Jersey Revisited

The Readers have spoken!!!!  I can not thank you enough for your input.  Here are 5 bands that did not make my list that our readers thought were worthy.

Fugees - This band was worthy of making the list on the merits of The Score alone.  Two Times.  'Killing me Softly thrust Lauryn Hill into the limelight.  Even more so than her starring role in Sister Act 2.  After a well received solo album she turned recluse before serving jail time for tax evasion.  Wyclef Jean went on to win three Grammy's as well as acting and a role in politics.  And Pras...we love Pras.  He will always have Ghetto Superstar.

Gaslight Anthem - Early on this 5 piece from New Brunswick hit the scene with their own brand of Rock/Punk.  So much that they were the first band to grace the cover of Kerrang! magazine without ever having been written about in the magazine prior.  Their second album was voted #1 album on the indie music downloading site eMusic and garnered great reviews from the likes of Pitchfork.  Their third effort had more of a blues approach but still rocked it well.  We are all anxiously awaiting their fifth studio album this year.

Parliament / Funkadelic - From Barbershop to Funk both of these bands were the brainchild of Plainfield native George Clinton.  As 5 member barbershop Parliament finally garnered some chart success in the late 60's Clinton put together a 5 piece backing band to tour with them which included guitar god Eddie Hazel.  After a contractual dispute with their record company Clinton took the 10 members and created Funkadelic.  Funkadelic was marketed as more of a Funk Rock band and was graced with member such as the flamboyant, ex-JB, Bootsy Collins.  Both Bands became an entity of their own and were billed as different types of Funk.  They challenged the mind and their music drips with funk, sweat, and psychedelics.  I have Maggot Brain on 180 gram vinyl.  It is the only way to listen to Eddie Hazel's soul drenching, 10 minute guitar solo on Maggot Brain.  Legend has it before the recording George Clinton told Hazel to "play it like your Momma died".

Skid Row - This band from Toms River brought it with the 'Big Guns'.  Sebastian Bach and the boys hit the hair metal craze at its peak with hits like '18 and Life' and 'I Remember You'.  The hard hitting guitars were matched only by Bach's powerful lungs and high screech.  The debut was hard hitting and the follow up Slave to the Grind was insane becoming the first Heavy Metal album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200.  After that Hair Metal was laid to rest by Grunge and Sebastian Bach was fired from the band after an argument about wanting to open for Kiss.  This probably would have been a better move than Jesus Christ Superstar and Celebrity Fit Camp.

The Fiendz - This City Gardens staple brought new meaning to Punk Rock with Pop Sensibilities.  If you don't know this band shame on you.  We are talking about New Jersey's version of The Ramones.  They were Power Punk Pop before Green Day was Green Day. The band still plays live and sounds just as good. You can now also enjoy their back discography on Spotify and iTunes.  Do you self a favor and familiarize yourself with their catalog.  There is nothing like finding an old new band.  Their short and sweet tunes will hook you.

There are more that were mentioned like Franki Valli, The Bouncing Souls, and the Shirelles but I am going to bring it to a close here. I loved the feedback that brought us this list.  I love even more the fact that no one mentioned Bon Jovi.

See you when the needle drops!



  1. Hahaha, no one mentioning Bon Jovi is definitely a good thing :D.
    I've got big love for Funkadelic though! Great post :).

    1. Thank you Gita. I was going to reply with a few bad Bon Jovi jokes but I am deciding against


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