Monday, April 28, 2014

READERS REVENGE - 5 Songs (or more) That YOU Hate For No Good Reason

Some of you flat out hate me now.  An even larger amount of you agree with me.  VINDICATION!!!  Although you may not have agreed with my choices many of you had your own.  Below I have listed them in no particular order.  It slightly resembles the Devil's Jukebox in Hell.  Some I disagree with.  Some I defend.  Some, I am ashamed to admit that I like.  Regardless here is your list with my brief comments.  I wonder how many of these songs hit #1 on the charts.

Elton John / Bennie and the Jets - I like this song.  Sue me.  I'm taking my electric shoes and going home.

Starship / We Built This City - AGREED.  Ok...maybe I liked it when it came out...and maybe I even had a mullet at the same time...but there is a statute of limitations.

John Cougar Mellancamp / Jack and Diane - I call Bullshit.  This song Rocks.  I can still air drum the drum solo.

Billy Idol / Dancing With Myself - Were you not a wild child in the middle of suburbia in the 80's?  Did you come from Outer Space???

Warren Zevon / Werewolves of London - I am impartial.  It depends on my mood and the cycle of the moon.

Bruce Springsteen / Born in the USA - Maybe you should move to another country.

Spandau Ballet / True - This song gives me the chills...and not in a good way.  It is still second behind Limahl's Never Ending Story.

AC/DC / You Shook Me All Night Long - I shit you not.  At one point in my life I had walked down the street with this cassette in a boombox on my shoulder while wearing a Members Only jacket.  It does NOT suck.

Bob Seger / Old Time Rock n Roll - Bob Segar reminds my of a dirty old uncle that I was told not to go near.

Georgia Satellites / Keep Your Hands To Yourself - You have got to be fucking kidding me.  How can you not sing 'Jingalingaling' in a cracking voice when you hear this???

American Author's / Best Day of My Life - I can not say that I know this song.  Is that a good thing???

Frankie Valli / Grease - Now you are just being plain absurd.  What kid didn't like the theatrical performance of a Broadway play...wait...can I take that back???

REO Speedwagon / Take it on the Run - Any song sung from the 8th person perspective has got to be good.

Chicago / No Tell Lover - I do not know this song. If I never heard Saturday in the Park again I'd be fine though.

Rick Springfield / Jesse's Girl - When this song came out Rick Springfield not only would have gotten Jesse's girl but also her mom.  Mad props.

Alannah Myles / Black Velvet - I plead the fifth.

Marc Cohn / Walking In Memphis - Isn't this like Rosie O'Donnell's favorite song?  And why do I fucking know that???

Greg Allman Band / I'm No Angel - I like this song but the video ruined it for me.

Queen / Another One Bites The Dust - Like it or not, without this song there is no Weird Al.  Still have 'Another One Rides the Bus' on 45.

Beatles / Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!

Nickelback / Photograph - I can tell you what wasn't in Joey's original musical idea.

YMCA / Village People - This song makes me cringe. It makes me want to make the letter 'O' by curling into the fetal position.

Walking on Sunshine / Katrina & The Waves - I like this song.  I do the Jack Black dance from High Fidelity every time I hear it.  Naked.  Which is awkward in public.

I think this a  topic that should get revisited later in the year.  Now that I have gotten this out of my system perhaps I won't have to rant when I hear these songs.  Hopefully this will lead to new songs and new rants.

See you when the needle drops!



  1. Hahaha, this made me laugh :D. Awesome!

  2. You Shook Me All Night Long does NOT suck! u_u hahaha

    1. I AGREE!!! So does my boom box and my members only

  3. Oh man, another one bites the dust is a rral piece of shit. In fact, queen has so many shitty songs there could be an entire post on those alone. For every one of their good songs, they probably have five terrible ones. But the good songs were enough to mske them legends...which they deserve to be.

    1. That is so true. There are so many Queen songs I love...and so many I hate. Have you ever hear Lemmy and Dave Mustaine's version of 'Tie Your Mother Down'? Classic!

    2. Haven't heard that one. To be fair, some of the queen songs I hate, I hate specifically because of over play and over covering. Crazy little thing called love is the top of that list. That song is a C- in the first place, but how many times have you heard that thing absolutely slaughtered by someone else, for me the number is somewhere between 1& 10 million times.

    3. I hate just about every U2 song now strictly from over play.


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