Thursday, April 17, 2014

Album Review - SOHN / Tremors

When SOHN's debut album released this week on 4AD label I really know nothing of him.  I finally had a chance to listen to his first offering Tremors.  This is the best way that I have come up with to describe it.

Imagine there is this large facility where band lease space to practice.  All floors are accessible by elevator.  Entering the elevator at the same time are David Guetta, Tommy Shaw from Styx, and the Peter Gabriel's backing band from the So tour.  They are all going to the 8th floor.  On the shared elevator ride they decide that they should jam together.  And so you have Tremors.

Don't believe me?

Who new I would love it this much?  It's like a deep fried Reese's Cup.  Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter....and holy dropped it in a deep fryer.  This is fucking delicious!!!

SOHN, aka Christopher Taylor, is a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer.  When he leaked tracks form his upcoming EP on Soundcloud in 2012 it garnered him online acclaim, much like Lorde, and brought attention to the likes of The Guardian and eventually led to his signing with 4AD.  His music is sorrowful, reminiscent of early Bon Iver or Lana Del Rey, yet breeds an air of hope.  It's melodies pull at your soul and bring you to life.  It is like Band of Horses on Acid.  You want to close your eyes and sleep but there is just too much going

I don't want to give you a track by track on this one.  I want you to experience it yourself.  That is one of the keys to music discovery.  Discovering music on your own and forming your own opinions.  Do yourself a favor and give this a listen.  Do it on a long car ride at dawn or dusk.  Let it set the scene for your day or night.  Let it be your soundtrack.  Let it seep into your thoughts.  Into your being.  Let it guide you.  You may not let it leave.

See you when the needle drops!



  1. I just recently discovered this album, I REALLY love the sound of it. I've been listening to it almost every day. Your elevator analogy perfectly describes this music haha.

    1. I really need to thank their advertising for this one because if I hadn't seen the upcoming ads for it I may not have discovered it. I love the groove of it. I find that I throw it on many mornings.

      Thank you!


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