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Steph's Top Ten Songs Of 2016 (So Far)

I can always tell what kind of mood I'm in/have been in when I review my listening charts.  It's never obvious at the time but when I review my account, it all becomes very clear.  My Top Ten of 2015 was a lot of dreamy, romantic tunes.  Not so far this year.  Apparently, I'm pissed.  Really pissed.

These songs come directly from my listening charts on and the albums had to be released in 2016.

10.  "Raise Hell" by Dorothy - Get this.  ROCKISDEAD is the band Dorothy's debut album.  Yes.  Debut album.  I missed this band opening up for Halestorm earlier this year. That will never happen again, if I get another chance to see them.  Dorothy performs with whiskey in hand and has a self-proclaimed "sailor mouth".  I'm all in.  For an extra dose of this kick ass band, check out the songs "Medicine Man" and "Missile".

9.  "Bad Reputation" by Adelitas Way - Getaway is the band's fourth album.  The entire album is just smooth, good old rock.  No tonsil torturing monster screaming that's so typical in hard rock/metal these days, which I can appreciate.


8.  "Black Honey" by Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere is Thrice's ninth stuido album and it shows in the best of ways.  After a four year break, the band came back with this absolutel masterpiece.  When I interveiwed Gus of the band Young Guns, he mentioned this album when I asked him what he listens to on the road or during downtime.  I whole heartedly agreed with him.  This album is truly good from start to finish but a few other favorites of mine are "Wake Up", "Blood On The Sand", and "Hurricane".  Don't miss this gem.

7.  "X" by HELLYEAH - I saw this band last month when I reviewed In This Moment in concert.  Hopefully, I'll get the pictures of HELLYEAH up soon because I have a ton of really great ones.  The crowd was filled with devoted fans, only there to see them.  While I was being splatterd with fake blood and sweat in the photo pit, the mosh pits and walls of death were going strong mid-audience.  The band takes this energy into their fifth studio album Undeniable.  Be sure to check out their Phil Collins' cover of "I Don't Care Anymore" which features old recorded tracks by Pantera's legendary guitarist Dimebag (Dimebag's brother Vinnie is the drummer of HELLYEAH).   

6.  "Rock Is Dead" by Beartooth - Aggressive is only this band's second album, which is kind of hard to believe, as good as this sophomore effort is.  Aggressive describes this album to a T.  Screamy, hard, metalcore at its finest.  I first heard this album during heavy play on Octane when it was released and after listening, I now know why they were pushing it so hard.  Summing up my feelings on rock, Beartooth says it best:  If rock and roll's dead, you can kill me right now!

5.  "Soundcheck" by Catfish And The Bottlemen - The Ride is Catfish And The Bottlemen's second studio album and is a fun romp through lighter hearted rock than most of the other songs I've been listening to.  That doesn't mean the album doesn't have its serious moments but the sound, no matter what the subject matter, is infinitely lighter than what I've leaned toward this year so far.  It's a palette cleanser, a mind easer, a reset button, when I've had enough of the anger and screaming on my other playlists.  The entire album is amazing.  My other favorites off The Ride is "Outside", "Red", "Oxygen", "Anything", "Postpone", and "Twice".  Okay, fine.  Basically, the entire album.  Just go.  Listen to it now.  I'll still be here when you get back.

4.  "Joyride" by Chevelle - It's no secret I have a crush on Pete Loeffler, lead singer of the band Chevelle, but that has nothing to do with how outstanding their new album, The North Corridor" is.  Distinctive Chevelle guitar riffs with a much heavier sound in this new album will probably ensure it makes it into my Top Ten Albums of 2016.  I saw the band in concert last year and will see them again this fall.  That's how good they are.  Once isn't enough.  Check out Pete at his screamy best in "Last Days", which is pulling ahead of "Joyride" as my favorite song off the album. 

3.  "Hearts/Wires" by Deftones - About the only dreamy song on this list, this song reminds me of how I feel when I listen to Deftones' B Sides & Rarities album, relaxed and romantic.  The band's new album Gore will not be my favorite Deftones album, by far.  The ony songs I added to my favorites playlist are this one and "Phantom Bride".  For sure a dissapointment to me, the album as a whole, but I'll take two good Deftones songs over nothing any day.       

2.  "Into Dust" by The Virginmarys - I interveiwed Ally of The Virginmarys earlier this year.  Intense, hard driving rock with a purpose is the best way I can describe the band's music on their latest album, Divides.  The band's very personal lyrics is what snagged me, the interview with Ally made me love them even more, and the all around greatness of the album is what keeps me coming back.  In addition to how outstanding the album is, a tireless and very involved fan base keeps an album that's already seven months old relevant and still talked about and included in charts around the world.  Thank you to Nicole and The Official Virginmarys Street Team group on Facebook for embracing me and always doing their best for this band.  

1.  "Mother E" by Filter - If you had told me a few years ago that I would be listening to a brand new album by the band Filter in the year 2016 - and LIKING it - I would have spit whiskey in your face from laughing so hard.  Filter's seventh stuido album, Crazy Eyes is an angry, intense album that seems to match my own so far this year.  Hell if I know why the band is so pissed, just keep it coming.  Check out the song "Nothing In My Hands" for another dose of gritty, shout-out-to-the-early-90's industrial rock that really only Filter can do these days.

So, how'd I do?  Are you feeling as angry as I am so far this year?  Do I just need to chill out with a bottle of whiskey and take it down a few fucking notches?  Maybe the last months of this year will see me mellow out a bit but I highly doubt it.  Let me know what you think and share a few of your favorites!

'Till next time, y'all.


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