Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Album Review: Love & Other Crimes by Masked Intruder

Take the chord progressions from your parents 50's era Rock'n' Roll, run it through an amp, and take the Power-Pop-Punk knob and turn it up to 11.  That is the new Masked Intruder EP, Love & Other Crimes.

The best way to describe this new offering from this four piece Wisconsin band is with an expression.  A smile.  From the moment I put on "Take What I Want" I was immediately whisked back to my teenage years where I heard Scandal's "Goodbye To You" while riding the Himalaya at our town fair.  It is a feeling of happiness and sunshine.

The four members, known only as Blue Intruder, Green Intruder, Red Intruder, and Yellow Intruder, bring all out 2 minute assaults that picks your pocket and leaves you happy about it.  The lyrical content includes stealing and running from the cops.  You may want to wear a mask just while listening to this.  The six song EP totals under 15 minutes in length.  The only problem with this is it leaves you wanting more.

Surprisingly, my favorite track is the one where they slow it down to a 50's style rock ballad with "Still Always On My Mind".  The harmonies and energy are in top form.  This EP highlights their growth from their first two offerings and if this is a sign of what is to come we will be hearing a lot more from this masked band.

Love and Other Crimes is available July 8th on Pure Noise Records.  Pick up your copy today at their website or listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

See you when the needle drops!


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