Sunday, June 26, 2016

Old Roads and New Beginnings: An Interview with the BulletBoys

The 80's. The greatest era in recorded music history. Yes, I just said that. I'm a child of the 80's and I'm not ashamed to profess my love for what a lot of people label "Hair Metal". It was a time when the music industry was running full throttle and those "Hair Bands" were selling records at a pace no one had ever seen before. My favorites from that era are the obvious to most. Motley Crue, Skid Row, Cinderella, Ratt, Guns N Roses and on and on I could go. One band that might not be so obvious that I truly loved, and love to this day, is the Bulletboys. In '88 they broke onto the scene with their self titled debut "Bulletboys". Though it never went platinum it did go gold with a barrage of hits and a wealth of talent. Their first single "Smooth Up In Ya" is still in my top 5 favorite songs and still in heavy rotation at mi casa. I still stand by my opinion that the Bulletboys are one of the most underrated bands of all time and the original lineup was one of the most talented groups of musicians to ever come out of that era.

Fast forward to today and 7 albums later, the Bulletboys are still rockin'. Their 8th studio album, Elephante was released in 2015. No, it is not your fathers Bulletboys. They have gone through many line up changes over the years with Marq (the mastermind) being the only original member. This current group of guys have been playing together now more than 7 years and it shows on this new release. Marq still has as powerful a voice as he always has. His pitch, tone, and delivery are spot on. And with Nick Rozz on guitar, Chad MacDonald (the sharpest dressed man in rock) on bass, and Shawn Duncun on drums, this line up of talent rivals any that Marq has ever put forth. Edgy, infectious, bad boy rock n roll. Having the ability to write amazing songs, these guys aren't going away anytime soon.

After a canceled gig in St. George, Utah due to a shitty, shoddy promoter ( I won't get into that here)
I was given the opportunity, due to the kindness of the band members, to sit down with all four of them in the Hilton lobby to do an interview. Though an interview did take place, this was more like 5 friends sitting around a campfire bullshitting about life, sharing funny stories, history, and of course music. This totally made up for my not getting to see one of my favorite bands play live. It was an honor, a privilege, and a memory I will always treasure. I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed my time with the Bulletboys.

Shane: You'll have to forgive me because this is actually my first kind of real interview.

Marq: Can I tell you something too?

Shane: Please.

Marq: Out of all due respect, you're very lucky because actually you have the four of us here and we're usually-

Chad: I'm over here this way, he's over that way, he went over...

Marq: Yeah, boom. You know every time we're playing we all have friends and you know Chad will have a friend and I'm off here we're going here and we're going hiking the next day

Shane: Well I ain't going to keep you guys very long. I got a couple questions written down.

Marq: No problem.

Shane: "Symphony" is my personal favorite on the Elephante record. I know from other interviews I've read with you Marq, that it's a very personal song. I have a personal story that I can relate to that song as well. After I found out what the song was actually about, I even love it more.

Marq: Thank you bro.

Shane: I just want to tell you how much that song means to me.

Marq: Thank you. Thank you so much bro. We have a real positive attitude. We are a positive band. Us, as entertainers, we all go through our things and we learn from things so that song was basically spawned from my love of my two sons and for people that don't have the ability to feel like super men sometimes and basically the wanting to step up out of yourself and get out of your own way to let blessings and let the good things happen and that's kind of what happened.

Shane: I appreciate you sharing that with us.

Marq: Yes. We're not perfect, man. I was reading the stuff that Michael Sweet writes from Stryper and its true, he goes you guys were all sinners out there and he's so right. We're all jacked up out here and we just got to realize that we, each of us, has our own faiths and our own religions and our own higher powers and I have a lot of respect for all that, for all faiths, for all religions, and for all walks of life and this band is totally about that. We always joke amongst ourselves, when we're riding around we joke about everybody, we talk so much shit, but it's all in good fun because we're artists. We love on everybody. That's how we roll. This isn't an easy lifestyle. I wouldn't suggest it to the faint of heart, or the not thick skinned people of the world because in this day and age the hate media is all around us and social media and it's really hard for people just to understand we're just a rock and roll band. We put on our hard hats, lunch pails, cell phones, the families. We do this because we love the art, we do it because we're not making oodles and oodles of cash, but we see that the potential of doing other things, dropping our music in movies and other things.

For example there's a lot of bands aren't in it for the music sake they're just in it to okay, that's good. No that's cool no disrespect to that, but I've always been in it for the music and performance and sounding great and having that to motivate things and when you're a good band or when you try to live up to those expectations, good things happen for you. Some really great things happened the other night for us at the Las Vegas Rock Awards. I received an award for the outstanding performer of 2016. I was really humble to get it but like I said I don't  share it with all my homies, I share it with my band as brothers and friends and everything else and especially as brothers because the three of us have been through almost seven years of being together and it's a whole 'nother thing.

We have a lot of respect for each other and we all keep each other in check too and I've never played in a band like that. I never played where it was most of the time it's all business. At this point in my career, I'd much rather enjoy the winds and the playing live and the destroying of that musically and the friendship and the little other things that we run into like Chad's friend the other night. To me that was the coolest part of the weekend was seeing this guy sitting there going, wow this guy, what is going on, shit like that. Things in musicians lives that we talk about those are the good things and this leads into songs and other things like that.

Shane: Well I think a lot of the fans and even our readers, fans of you guys don't realize that this has been the longest that any ... I don't know what's the words I'm looking for. You've gone through quite a few line ups over the years. You guys have been together longer and kind of formed something special I believe.

Marq: Very, very special. We've been drawing a lot of people and we've been really blessed with a lot of good things that have been happening. You know we just got recently signed with Frontiers Universal for a couple of records so we're going to be starting that up at close to the latter part of the year get that in and we're going to put one out next year. Another new one we just got finished doing, Elefante, and we dropped it in the summer and that's still going and we're probably going to be doing a video for "Symphony" here really, really soon.

Shane: You've released quite a few CD's over the years. Like after Freakshow I kind of felt as a fan you kept things going which I admired.

Marq: Thank you.

Shane: Releasing Acid Monkey and a few CD's after that, but I really didn't know what direction you were really striving for as a listener and as a fan, and I don't mean that in any disrespect in any way.

Marq: No, none taken.

Shane: With this release of Elefante this took me right back to what I believe BulletBoys were.

Marq: Thank you.

Shane: Could be, should be and are.

Marq: Well, it's the spirit. It's the spirit.

Shane: It's a powerful record.

Marq: Thank you.

Shane: You guys deserve all the accolades and everything that comes your way.

Marq: We all were pretty proud of that record, you know.

Shane: Was it a difficult record to write? Was it something that the four of you went into the studio and just recorded it?

Marq: The process was hard because some of the people that we were working with. Like, for instance, this next record we're hoping to all go in the studio and cut it live and pick and choose   instead of where some of this stuff is done already and Cmax has got to come in and go "I've never heard this song, let me come in, let me come and feel this". Because I would write stuff and they'd be like, "Wait a minute, no we're not going to use that, we're going to use this." Then it's oh, okay shit all right but it worked out really great because we had a great producer who really guided us in the right direction and was able to really help us out, you know.

Shane: I'm looking forward to the next release. If it's anything as good as Elefante, we're in for a treat.

Marq: We're going to go in a really cool, funky direction on this record.

Shane: Out of all of your releases, would you say this is the one you're most proud of? I'm sure as an artist you're proud of all of them, because they're like your children. Is there any particular BulletBoys release that you're more fond of or proud of?

Marq: I would say out of all of our records that I'm most fond of our first and Elefante. Those are the two that I think are our strongest material as a group and how we're moving in this direction that I wish that we would have moved in many years ago, but that we're moving into now. There's a lot of punk rock influence, R&B, Soul, Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Jazz, all the things that we encompass that is really strong now and Chad is the encyclopedia of music trivia. He amazes me sometimes with the things that he knows and we love music. Shawn's the same way. Nicky's the same way. It's different when you're playing with cats or guys that are in it instead of playing with guys that ... I won't mention any names.

Shane: (Laughs).

Marq: With guys that that's not their lives, that's not their heads, that's not what they're focused on. It was always something else. I grew up with music. Like my mother and father, my father played with Stan Kent orchestra, Sinatra and this person in the background did all this stuff, Shawn's father also. We come from these musical backgrounds and it's not something like you know my parents never wanted me to get into this business, you know.

Shane: I'm sure.

Marq: The fact that I did out of all of my family you know I still look and go "Ahh, my sister's an educator then my father has this doctorate, what am I doing?" I'm fucking hanging out. I'm playing where are we playing tonight? You know here we go again, but I'd rather be doing this than sitting in a cubicle somewhere on a computer or doing something else. We get to see a lit of people, we get to see the world. I mean next year we're playing our big we'll be going out to Europe in February and we're going to be touring, we're playing the big frontiers music festival, they're having us out there. I think Def Leppard, us, Night Ranger for a frontier's big music festival.

Shane: Cool.

Marq: We are anything I like to say thank you to everybody at Frontier's Music/Universal for signing our band. We've been working really, really hard. We've taken a lot of slack from a lot of people out there and we got thick skins, you know but people don't understand what we're trying to just do musically and you get it with Elefante, You understand it. We're like you know the other night someone went on this tirade of how we can't stand the hairy metal thing. I can't stand that moniker either, it just rubs me the wrong way all the time.

Shane: Do you miss your hair? Sorry I had to ask that.

MArq: I don't really .... see, I cut my hair a long time before it was even cool to cut your hair.

Shane: I just remember the "Smooth Up In Ya" video. The first time I see that I was like "That guy is cool!"  Not only was that song tight, but that hair was cool.

Marq: Do you know why I had long hair? I was lazy as hell and we were surfing a lot and me and Lonnie started dumping lemon and... what's that shit? Sun In?  We started spraying our hair. Dude I want to dye my hair blond. I was like fuck you and then all of a sudden you know I just started going hey dude you know we should leave it like that, and I go yeah I think I should, so my sister is a hair stylist and she started doing a bunch of stuff. It's really funny because I would say if I didn't dye my hair I don't think people would have really recognized what we do or what I sing like. I don't know just sometime but  then again I think it was just really weird times back then.

Shane: I kind of wanted to get everyone's ... well each of you probably have your own favorite song to play live I would think.  Can I ask you Chad what's your favorite song to play live?

Chad: Well, my favorite song is on the new album. We don't play live. I like the slower side, I like the song "Kinfolk"

Marq: I like those ideas by the way.

Chad: Sonically they're pretty big production. We have to find a way, we're not going to use tracks.

Shane: Right.  Nick, how about you?

Nick: If we did "Kinfolks" the favorite song in the set that I would play?

Shane Just the favorite BulletBoy song.  I mean my personal ... I've always wanted to learn the lick to  "Smooth Up In Ya". I mean, it's there's something so different about it to me and it just seems like there's a... it's bluesy, but it just seems like it's a constant lead but it's different. I don't know how to explain it.

Nick: Like (makes guitar gesture)?

Shane: Yeah.

Nick: I'll show it to you if you want.

Shane: Right on.

Nick: I got all night. If you want I'll show it to you.

Shane: Oh, I would love that.

Nick: Yeah, that's fine. It's not mine so on the new record we do do "Saving You From Me", which I think is a great song. The most constant songs we play are "Rollover" and "Symphony" is a highlight in a set every night for me. As far as like the older stuff in the set I think "THC Groove" really started to take it's own life on in our current set and it's not...we mix it up, we revamp it's a very long version. We go into Allman Brothers territory.

Shane: (Laughs).

Chad: We stretch out. A little Jazz there.

Nick: We do but the people don't expect us to do it so that's what I like about that. There was a time six years we were putting that song together and it would just be a few minutes version whatever we would just do it, but now it's become this whole moment in the set and I guess like I said an Allman Brothers-esque jam in there and people relate to that for some reason they pick up on it.

Shane: It probably keeps things refreshing for you too, doesn't it?

Nick: Yeah, I like amping it up a little bit, extending songs.

Chad: Well if I may, I can finally give you the determination.

Shane: Okay, we're back to you Chad.

Chad: Out of our current live set which, very slightly but not greatly at the moment, we're probably going to revamp it soon, I would say, you know of course fun to play because of the reaction that we get at the end of the show, and it's a cool song. I would say musically what's most satisfying to me would be "Symphony" because I also like the vocals, I mean, obviously it's easy to forget that not every band has a singer as good as ours, so you get up there and you're playing and that's what I'm used to, something absolutely kicking ass. ALL the time, every night. I mean no matter, we've driven 12 hours with no sleep, we're exhausted, we can barely stand up and we still get up there and play and he does not phone it in. So it makes you have to work harder to play. He should have part of the money and he's not and when we do "Symphony" I know how close it is to his heart and it's also it's a really good song

Nick: Also too it's like people are relating to it and when people relate to it and in a different way and people relate to when we play "Smooth Up In Ya" because they say, "Ooooh, okay. I get it. It's a different kind of relationship".

Shane: Well, I hated to bring it up because a lot of the bands they have that one song that was the popular song and they get kind of... they're just like, "Aww do we have to play that again?"

Nick: It's always fun to play stuff to get people excited. It's like with "Symphony". There are nights when there's somebody in the audience that's singing it emotionally or when people come up and say. "I hope you're playing "Symphony" tonight." You know?

Chad: Definitely connect wit people the way I think he is.

Nick: Yeah, and if you can connect with people like that I think that's the whole point. I mean it's not just this girl on car shit. I get that. I understand there's a place in the world for it if you're looking for it, but there was a time and a place for it and this isn't girl on car bullshit and people realize we're not some girl on car band and there's some songs they can connect to and they come up and say I hope you're playing that tonight and you see them and it's on the new record it obviously connected with them and it meant something to them. That's important if you're doing this and you're know you're connecting with somebody somehow and you see that, especially live too it helps with what you're doing too in a lot of ways.

Shane: That's one thing I really enjoyed about the BulletBoys. There was substance to the band. There always has been substance to the BulletBoys. Everything that you've ever put out, there was something there. It wasn't just the cheese ball girl on the car, sort of thing. "Smooth Up In Ya" like I said I love that song but bands do have that song they're just tired of playing.

Chad: Yeah, but that song is fucking- its so fun

Marq: We play it different every night though. There's always something magical about they way we pull it off.

Chad: I don't get bored with it because it's a really cool song, it's fun to play.

Marq: Yeah, it is fun to play.

Chad: I think to elaborate on what he's saying about we do "THC Groove", that's a moment where we're not just playing the music, we're actually making music because we usually... that's our little point in the show where we don't need to worry about it, it could go on for five minutes. It might and it might and he usually starts it off with some Jazz scat riff basically and I'll kind of hold it down and see where it goes. Like Jazz players, you're reading each other while you're doing it. That's why jazz music was so interesting, these guys are basically writing it while they're playing it for an audience. Reading off each other telepathically. We do a little tiny version of that in our own little rock and roll way in the show and some people that you know there's going to be some people that came here to hear one song. That's all right because we're going to play one song, we're playing it really well, but for us we do that for us and if people want to come with us for the ride a little bit, cool. We're not going to do it on every song, we just do it on one little spot in the show. I look forward to it.

Marq: I'd like to do it more actually.

Chad: Yeah.

Marq: I'd like those journeys where we do that, it's just very you know-

Chad: We learned that from the telepathy, if you will.

Nick: Every once in a while we go there with "Hell on High Heels".

Chad: "Smooth Up In Ya" a little bit too, sometimes.

Nick: Yeah. We can do it. I mean, honestly that's an earned right.

Chad: That's if we're feeling it. If we're feeling it

Marq: If we doing it a little bit with even with "Rollover" right before that breakdown it goes could could do some things.

Chad: The next time we tour, things like that we've all been playing night, after night, after night, after night, they just do and then one night and then you repeat it the next night.

Most of the things we do are never spoken about.

Shane: Doesn't that make your jobs easier too when you get to that point where you just know what the other guy's going to do and you just like you guys say you can turn something into another jam and that might turn into a future song, you know. You never know.

Nick: Yeah, it's speaking musically. The thing is that a lot of other people can't speak musically so if you can speak musically that's great but that's why a lot of our contemporaries can't do that, pull that on the side. I'm not knocking anybody.

Marq: They won't do it either.

Nick: Exactly. The thing is being lazy and it's not being able to think to go there because it just a good song and lets get it over with. It's not seaworthy.

Marq: So true.

Nick: When we do that, we don't even know what set we're going to play 90% of the time when we go on.

Shane: Really?

Chad: All we know is what's the first three songs. Okay, well tonight it's going to be these three okay there we go-

Marq: We fill the rest of the set

Nick: The rest of the set just kind of fucking falls.

Marq: Yep.

Shane: You're not one of those bands that has to have it spelled out on the floor for you?

Nick: Actually you know..I like to have that.

Marq: Yeah, Nicky does.

Marq: Well you never know because all of a sudden we'll be there and Chad will come up to me or or I'll come up to him or someone will come up to me..can we do this one tonight

Chad: I'm feeling this right now and they are like ok.

Marq: Yeah, I'm feeling this right now and we'd be like okay let's do it, that sounds good. It's like sometimes, no not tonight, they kind of look at the audience-...yeah, no. Not know?

Shane: Shawn, what's your favorite song to play in your set?

Shawn: My favorite song to play?

Shane: Yeah what's your favorite song?

Shawn: I actually, really enjoy playing "THC Groove" for the same reason Chad does.

Nick: You get to make music a little different and see where it goes.

Shawn: Because of where it goes, because I don't know where it's going to go. Where it goes that's the funnest part about playing live, is that it is not knowing where it's going to go. You know, and I really love playing that song. I do. There's another song like I love playing "Tsunami". I like playing "Born to Breed". There's some songs that I just like for the aggression of it, because I'm kind of like an attack drummer, so there's certain things that I like. I like "Money" is fun and "Smooth Up In Ya" is always fun. Because you get a good crowd response, but really like for me personally, I really enjoy playing "THC Groove". That's probably why we play it all the time because we all actually really enjoy playing that song.

Shane: It's a great song.

Shawn: Literally I been in the band three years and I don't think there's been a set that we've done live that we haven't done that song.

Nick: Yes, there has.

Shawn: Where?

Nick: New Orleans.

Marq: Oh.

Nick: In November or December whenever it was. We didn't do "Money" either.

Marq: Oh, that's right.

Nick: We didn't drop tune at all. We didn't literally drop D or anything that night

Marq: Oh, yeah you're right. Here's another thing too. We don't have the huge selection, we don't have the big, giant productions. We don't have-

Nick: No tapes.

Marq: No tapes at all or ever. We don't have even the greatest equipment in the world. We play on punk rock equipment that people-

Nick: We grow and go.

Marq: I don't know how you Nicky go the sounds out of those amps or how Chad... I don't know how you did it, but I'm keeping those settings.

Marq: That is a lot

Marq: I know all the time because my amp never sounded that good and it's what we've learned, trial and error.

Nick: We learned to adapt.

Marq: Dude we can put out some really bad equipment sometimes.

Shane: Well you guys had your own equipment tonight, right?

Nick: We rented it.

Marq: No that was rented.

Shane: The guitars and everything? -

Marq: No, no.

Nick: We bring our own guitars. We fly in the big stuff. We come out and they say its rented amplifiers and rented bass gear

Chad: Tell them what you want and a rental house will have the standard.

Nick: We just travel and fly with our guitars and pedal boards and then if we do a bus tour we'll bring back  but there's no sense in worrying about that.

Marq: We have an equipment rider, so we send it to them.

Shane: Oh, okay.

Nick: Sometimes you're going somewhere and there is no rental place within a 100 mile radius and you're walking in and you're left to do with what these guys have which might be great for whatever the hell it is they might want to do.

Chad: Yeah, it always sucks for a drummer, too.

Nick: Drummers have it bad.

Shane: Oh, I imagine.

Chad: My stuff is easiest because bass stuff is like a frying pan. If it's got good quality, it's got enough power, it's going to sound fine, turn up the volume, okay go ahead. I got it easy. These poor guys...

Nick: We got 250 combo amps up there. We can't do what we do.

Chad: These guys usually have more to be concerned about.

Nick: They don't know, well it has an amp, it has a speaker and electricity runs through it.

Shawn: We showed up at a place one time it was in Kansas City, we show up and the drummer had this rack and the problem with the rack system is you can't move it-

Marq: I remember that.

Shawn: All right because its fucking nailed down, well he was a left-handed drummer so I got everything set up like this and I can't move it and I'm like no, no.

Marq: Yeah, it was just insane.

Shawn: It was in Kansas.

Marq: Remember we took apart the whole thing?

Shawn: Yeah, I had to take apart everything.

Shane: That's got to be terrible.

Shawn: Bastardization of what a drum set should look like, so I'm sitting there, I'm tearing it apart and I'm like and then we got 15 minutes to do it. Fucking left-handed, and in the rider it specifically says no racks. 

Marq: These poor guys and Chad goes, I don't blame...they were like they were so...they didn't know what to do.

Shawn: I had to rebuild this fucking thing..put it together. and then do the show. I've had drummers we have it the worst when it comes to that part. They break shit all the time. they break symbols, their fucking heads. I bring a single ply head and we go through it in the third song, I know what's going to happen. I'm going to break your fucking foot pedal.

Nick: It's a piece of shit...[laughs}

Marq: Oh, well [laughter]

Chad: We broke it once, we were in New Hampshire, it's a beautiful place. It's been there for 99 years.

Marq: Gorgeous.

Nick: Everybody and their mama played there.

Shawn: Elvis played there, Sinatra.

Nick: Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, it goes on and on.

Chad: Everybody's played there, all genres. It's awesome.

Shawn: Such a great place.

Shane: so its an honor to play there...

Marq: Great people.

Chad: Right and my father was there because he lives close. This was a cool gig. In the middle of whatever song was it, it might have been the second song-

Shawn: Yeah, it was that quick.

Chad: All of a sudden sure enough right there he breaks the I believe it was the bass drum.

Shawn: It was the foot pedal.

Chad: Foot pedal. All of a sudden if you're playing in a rock band, everything revolves around the kick pedal and all of a sudden it's not there but we just soldier on and here comes Chad Stewart.

Marq: From Faster Pussycat.

Shawn: We got a good crowd.

Chad: All of a sudden I hear the beep come back and we all had a good sense of time so even if the drums drop out.

Marq: Saying "We got this."

Chad: The key is to not show a reaction to it.

Marq: Yeah, we all back up.

Chad: It's in the people, you got to think, you just got to act like
everything's fine.

Shane: Put it in the back of your mind.

Chad: Exactly. We're playing along and all of a sudden and meanwhile I'm secretly keeping an eye on it. I can see Shawn and he's doing like this move like he's supposed to do and then he breaks the drums and he just makes up for it with a different drum.

Marq: It's Awesome!

Chad: All of a sudden I see Chad Stewart underneath the drum set mid-song with a stick and he's started doing a kick drum on the floor which is the lowest sound that you get out of what we have, and sure enough we finished the song.

Shane: What a trooper.

Chad: They bring out a peddle and he stalled for a little while and told the story set it up and I go that's teamwork. It was cool. Chad's a super nice guy.

Shawn: He heard it.

Marq: Such an angel.

Shawn: He said "Oh there's a problem" and he looks at me and I'm like-

Shane: He's underneath your kit?

Shawn: He's fucking dead.

Chad: You see the first Avengers where they're flying in that fucking thing and then iron mask he goes in? It was our version of that. Those two guys Chad you hold this and Iron Man's going to swing and that's it. We got to get this thing on the ground, we got to land it, you know and I said Chad I mean he was literally contorting on it.

Nick: Oh, yeah he was. He was trying to fix the pedal.

Chad: The crowd couldn't see it.

Nick: I kept looking at him saying "It's broke. You fucking broke it."

Marq: It was hilarious.

Chad: With no time to spare, but it was teamwork and it was really cool for a drummer sense the other.

Shane: He just knew.

Chad: He just knew instinctively and he came out, yeah.

Shawn: He goes "Where's the kick? Right backstage? Where's the bass drum?" Then he comes out and then he looks at me and he goes...

Chad: A lesser bunch of people it would have fallen apart. We've played with bands where a backing machine broke and it was like, "Oh,shows over."

Shawn: Yeah. The backup vocals is gone...and that was so many times.

Shane: Really?

Marq: We're sitting there going, "Well maybe if you guys sang for real."

Chad: That actually happened, so when this happened I said "Okay" just makes us just that more like road warriors.

Shane: Yeah, Motley Crue even went ... they have so much baggage now it depresses me as a fan.

Marq: You know they try to do what they need to do. One of the things about us we're not here to slack anybody. We're very fortunate to do what we do and for people to come out to see us, except for the present night excluded from all these sort of things, but we're really fortunate if anybody comes to see us and want to be part of the BulletBoys family you know our fans are our family too and our close friends and even if it's your first time seeing a BulletBoys show, you're already our friend, because you're coming to see us and you're coming to see live music, and you're coming to see a band from the very end of the days that literally is from the 90's that did all their touring in the 90's we were one of those bands.

Grunge was around and we were still touring and packing every place, even when Jimmy and Mick left the band. When they decided they needed to leave and do something else, me and Lonnie continued on and we were still playing places that were packed out. Sold out to the gills. We were playing this one bowling alley some place, a bowling alley where this guy set up this thing. There were 4,000 people stuffed in this place.

During the hardcore Nirvana days. I mean we had a lot of people come out to see us play. When we played Seattle all the guys would come out to see us that were big back then because they loved the BulletBoys. We were just that different. When we wrote Freakshow people weren't doing covers of Tom Wait songs and stepping out musically, trying to step out. Where everybody was doing ballads, we weren't doing ballads, we never did ballads.

Shane: Do you guys still play "Hang On Saint Christopher"? Do you guys throw that in your set?

Marq: You know, we were going to.

Chad: Yeah, we've been talking about it.

Marq: Yeah, but I got to get out the congos and it's go to have that swirl.

Shane: I think I seen that show I think it was in '91, it was you guys and Poison and I think Slaughter and I think-

Marq: It's on YouTube.

Shane: Man, I still love that.

Marq: It's awesome. It was a great show.

Shane: You guys do a killer version of that.

Marq: Oh, yes. I love that song. I love Tom Waits.

Shane: I would love to see you guys put that in your set, but you guys got so much great material.

Chad: Yeah, once we own it, we do it our way.

Marq: We'll do it our way once we're able to we have a three piece horn section and a two piece vocal section with two gals called the Pistolettes, and our horn section is called the Bullhorns and I'd like to actually implement them more shows coming up. Definitely at the Whiskey they're going to be there. We cut a song called the "Bitch is Back" by Elton John in Elefante, so I love that song. We love that song a lot and bring them out to play that and so it's-

Shane: Is that something you would put on your next release?

Marq: Oh, there's going to be horns in this next record, absolutely.

Shane: Nice, looking forward to that.

Marq: It's going to be a lot of different stuff on this record. Probably Nicky singing the song like in the accent of a middle easterner from Glendale, California.

[group laughter}

Chad: yeah, Nicky wears many hats...he's our in house entertainment when we're traveling

Marq: yes, thank God. Y
eah, incredible impressions. Lately President Obama has been coming out a lot. {laughter}

Nick: A lot...

Chad: the Scorpions needed a drummer so he created a scenerio, 
different kind of scenerios, like Motorhead...

Nick: {doing Obama impression} Yeah I heard Motorheads no longer. Very disappointing about this. but I got one word for you, Scorpions.

{group laughter}

Shane: That's awesome

Chad: And it goes on and on...

Marq: That's a real nice version of gets really hard...brilliant though. Nicky's got like 30 different, 40 different impressions. I told him he should use Obama. He says, "I'm not going to do that". He has us laughing so hard in the car sometimes that we can't drive.

Shane: That's got to keep the touring a little bit fresh though, I mean traveling's got to get old.

Marq: It's brutal. It's so good. One little thing that somebody will do something that we'll see at a gig and it could be the slightest thing and all of a sudden it's the thing for the rest of the trip.

Nick: Yeah, that happens a lot. Yeah.

Marq: There was this poor guy, we were just talking about the story and we're not making fun of him at all but we had no idea that had Tourette's and he showed up.

Nick: He was our sound man. He was the house sound man

Marq: Yeah, he was a sound man. Sweetheart of a guy and he for some reason got fixated on my name so all day long it was that. All he was doing and Nicky's got it down.

Nick: We'd be backstage and we'd order dinner or something and all of a sudden, Marq, Marq, Marq. Marq MARQ MARQ!!!

Marq: And we didn't know we thought he was doing it like and we're going what's this guy doing? We had no idea and then somebody came up and said Marq, so and so he's had Tourette's for years.

Chad: No, I think he told us. When we got there.

Marq: Did he tell us?

Chad: I think he came up and he said hey look guys I have this so you just forgive me up front.

Marq: Oh, see I didn't hear that.

Chad: Yeah, that was him.

Marq: Oh, okay.

Nick: Well we got there and he was in his car trying to hide a fit for a minute
and I'm like is this guy was sleeping in his car.

Marq: Yeah. That's what it was.

Nick: Then I thought, his dog peed in his car or something. He was furious or really mad about something and he's yelling in his car but I don't see anything in there.

Marq: We're going like what's going on?

Nick: All of a sudden after sound track I was in the men's room and the guy walks in. I was   standing at the urinal and the guy just walked in Marq, Marq, Marq, Marq.

Chad: He was louder.

Nick: Marq, Marq, Marq, Marq....It was amazing!

Shane: Like the Hump Day commercial.

Marq: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Shane: Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike...

Marq: That dude. We'll run into things sometimes an then we'll just be like what's great about us is that some days we're playing some place that's just shit, let's just say it. The place is shit and the people there and stuff but we're just not in that mood and we're thinking about going to see a movie or we were talking about something else or there's food that we were talking about we want to go have dinner somewhere and we got to play this gig and Nick will always make it fun somehow even when we're exhausted. We'll go out there and play 10, 13 shows in a row and there's not too many bands that do that still and it's a lot of things people don't know really about us too much it's all about the music but yet it's not all about the music with us, which is great. I don't want it to be all about the music. I want it to be about life and talking about current events and talking shit and you know.

Shane: Well you guys seems like you guys have really great attitude towards life, and that's refreshing too because it's such a negative world we live in.

Marq: I don't think there's any divas in this band at all. I've been in bands with divas. There's no divas in this band at all.

Shane: I can tell. You guys get along really well.

Chad: Well you're only on stage for one of the 24 hours of the day so you find other ways to keep yourselves amused, and the music takes care of itself. We're going to go out there and bring it. Five people, beat up amps, it happens we do it, we throw down, do our jobs. That's what we were going to do tonight, you would have seen it.

Marq: We always go let's look at this like we're doing a rehearsal and we're going to fuck around with some new stuff. I always say that.

Chad: I was actually going to stretch out tonight because it was going to be so full.

Yeah, we were going to do a little Jubilee, some blues, covers or whatever. I was up for anything, and sometimes when you're loose when you play music you don't want to be you want to be playing you want to be flowing.

Shane: While you're there.

Marq: Yeah, tonight was going to be a little loosey goosey. It was going to be fun.

Chad: Yeah man we could have got Nick on the mike and doing some of his impersonations. They could request a stand up.

Marq: No, trust me. We walk in sometime and sound check and we go into that and the staff is in tears.

Shawn: It's the truth what Marq said earlier to have all four of us together.

Marq: Yeah, I know this is the first time.

Shawn: Yeah, this is the first time it's happened as long as I've been there.

Marq: Yeah, that the 4 of us are together and are actually doing the interview.

Chad: I don't think it's ever happened.

Marq: We've gotten together and done a couple of shorties on the road or something.

Shawn: Like shout outs or whatever.

Marq: Yeah, yeah.

Shawn: Not like sat and talked.

Shane: I'm very honored. Very, very, honored. I told Nick I wouldn't keep you guys very long so I should probably wrap it up.

Marq: No, let me tell you something. I feel a lot more comfortable when the fellows are here because I don't like really doing interviews on my own. I'm kind of ... I don't like it to come from my perspective all the time and it should come from the perspective of my mates, not necessarily from me. It's much more genuine that way.

Shane: It's a brotherhood.

Marq: Yeah, man, fuck it's a marriage. You got to know people and they got to know and we got to know with each other, which we know that we got each other's backs no matter what, especially when it comes to monetary things. We got to take care of our families, we have to make money and I want to make sure that we all want to make sure that we're all taken care of. That's why we're all helping each other and hey if this isn't working let's go over here and let's talk to this person or let's go over here hey man, I was talking to so and so and they gave us advice. We do that all the time.

Shane: That's cool. 2015 was big and it looks like 2016 you guys are just on a roll.

Marq: I think 2017 is going to be very large for us. I see us doing a lot of festivals and we're kind of in that, you know, we pushed the record last year and we're still doing that with new songs and stuff but I'm really looking forward to getting in and recording and working out some of this new stuff and I know Nicky's got a bunch of ideas for tunes and we just recorded a couple months back at 606 the Foo Fighter's studio, we were privileged to be a part of a vinyl release for Rock Against MS and some of the cooler punk rock bands of the valley were asked to come in and do some songs and we had to do a song like in two days or one day, so I had this tune, we went in and we worked on it one night and the next day we were cutting it.

Shane: That's cool.

Marq: That was cool, then I believe Mr. Grohl picked up the lineup and we were first on the album.

Shane: You guys worked with Dave in the-

Marq: No, he was was picking the running order for the record.

Shane: Oh, okay.

Marq: While we worked at their studio which was 606. We were really happy to work there, it was great.

Shane: What do you guys have plans for for the rest of 2016?

Nick: For the rest of 2016 I think we're going to be recording the record and then playing some gigs and preparing basically for 2017.

Shane: For the release in 2017?

Marq: That's right. That's the way I see it. Pretty simple.

Shane: Nice.

Nick: Yeah, that one is due.

Marq: Yeah, we got an album to do.

Shane: Do they put you on a time limit to get-

Marq: Oh, yeah.

Nick: Yeah, it's actually due Wednesday.

(group laughter)

Marq: and we don't have a single thing written...

Shane: It's supposed to be on Obama's desk.

Marq: Oh, man.

Nick: (Obama impersonation) Fellows, I'm not impressed with progress. What the hell are you doing?

Shane: Well, I'll let you guys go. If there's anything else you want to tell our readers, anything you want to promote, anything you want to say?

Marq: Just want to tell them thank you for being there for us and thank you for still listening to a little band from southern Cal called BulletBoys, but we got some things in store for all y'all and we're just going to keep coming out with new music and as long as people are listening, we'll be putting out new stuff. We're a band of the now. We're not trying to relive the future, the past excuse me, we're trying to find our way to the future but we really believe in music and writing and recording new music and not just living on past laurels.

Shane: Nice. Well thanks again you guys.

Nick: Thank you.

Shane: We'll let you guys get some sleep.

Shawn: The three year I been in the band. This is the first time we've done an interview which I kind of enjoyed actually. With the four of us sitting by the fireplace, it was something cool about it. First time this ever happened.

Chad: We've been trying.

Nick: We have tried. If you go into a radio station whenever you got to have clothes on, but this real cool, casual thing, this never happened. Never happened.

Shane: Well, I'll never forget it. Thank you all so much for this night. You are a great band A great bunch of guys. And even better human beings. I hope to see you down the road.



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