Monday, June 13, 2016

Album Review: Impulse by BOYFRNDZ

Every summer needs a soundtrack. You know, that one album that defines everything that happens – all the fun, all the adventure, all the mistakes and heartache.

For me that album just might be Impulse by BOYFRNDZ.

This four piece band from the heart of Texas (Austin, for those outside The Republic) has only been together five years, but they’ve already released two EPs, two full length records, an electronic album and even a live improv album featuring Grammy award winning keyboardist Ikey Owens. Not bad for a band given every alt-rock label under the sun.

The band, officially dubbed as experimental psych rock by their label, Black Panda Records, released their latest album, Impulse, in late May. It was recorded at Philadelphia’s Uniform Studios with producer Jeff Zeigler (War On Drugs, Kurt Vole, Nothing) – a place and producer totally foreign to the band before starting the recording process.

The influence of being out of your element is what shines through for me on the album. From the first guitar-saturated notes of “Ghosted”, I was left with the overwhelming desire to get in my car in the dark of night, blare this record and drive the opposite direction of everything I know. This is music that sounds like escaping the everyday for something more - something better.

Impulse is one of those rare albums laid out with the perfect rises and falls. Frantic drum beats in songs like “High and Tight” and “Going Under” create this beautiful anxiety and urgency in just the right spots of the record to keep you listening. And “Silhouette” and “Little Secret’s” more melodic, ethereal vibes slow things down.

The record is wonderfully atmospheric, full of interesting little moments that make it the kind of music you can put on and get totally lost in...the kind of moments that make up an entire season. It may be on the darker side for summer tunes, but I’m looking forward to Impulse soundtracking my summer.

Impulse is now available. Grab you copy, along with records and EPs for the band’s full catalog, over on Bandcamp.

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