Tuesday, January 27, 2015

10 Songs To Play While Having Sex

I think the title is pretty much self explanatory on this one.  Unless of course you have never had sex while listening to music.  Then consider me your personal sex therapist.  Dr. Music Master is in the 'In'.  My descriptions will be short and sweet.  Your experience should not be.  I want you to have your own.  I am just providing the soundtrack.

#1 Crush / Garbage - Nothing says 'Great Sex' better than the sentence "I would die for you".

I Want You Now / Depeche Mode - The heavy breathing used as the beat gets me every time.

I Sit On Acid / Lords Of Acid - A primal beat to get lost in while a sexy voice says "Sit on my Face" over and over. 

Glorybox / Portishead - Glorybox is the British term for a Hope Chest.  That is not how I interpret it on this one.

Every Night / Lo-Fang - Don't listen to the lyrics. Just close your eyes and get lost.  Melt into each other.

The Grudge / Tool - Sex can be anything and should be.  Sometimes is should be visceral and dirty.

Get Down Make Love / Nine Inch Nails - The title should be pretty much self explanatory.  Get down and me dirty, passionate love.

All Night Long / Peter Murphy - There is something hauntingly beautiful about this song.  Just the reason it needs to be in your bedroom.

Lovely Day / Alt-J - It should be one of those days that you spend all morning in bed.  Maybe even all afternoon.

Justify My Love / Madonna - I once took an online quiz about which song should soundtrack my sex life.  This was it.  Results may vary.

See you when the needle drops!



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