Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Top 10 Albums of the 2014 Year

I have no problem gushing over my favorite music so this list may be of no surprise to you.  I still have to say it though.  You can't end a year of a music website without a year end list.  You just can't.  It's against the rules.  So here we go.

Royal Blood / Royal Blood - This duo brought back the dirty gritty of blues rock.  Every track brought it hard.  I had this album on heavy rotation for weeks.

Swans / To Be Kind - If I were to die a fiery death I would want this playing in the background.  Enough said.

Jenny Lewis / The Voyager - This album was so many different styles of Jenny Lewis.  Perhaps not cohesive as an album but as a collection of singles it holds its own.

OFF! / Wasted Years - Old School LA Hardcore today.  Headed by Keith Morris, this band shows this art form is still relevant and wanted.  Especially love the Raymond Pettibon cover art.

The New Pornographers / Brill Bruisers - This album was the equivalent of The Beach Boys at a carnival for me.  Whether it is the lush arrangements of the dreamy vocals it makes me smile.

St. Paul & The Broken Bones / Half the City - This album consumed my spring.  The soul influenced goodness evokes just about every emotion imaginable.  It is performed flawlessly from instrument to vocals.

The Rosebuds / Sound+Silence - This is maybe the Shins album you have been waiting for.  I love how this band has progressed.  This release is perhaps their finest.

Mastodon / Once More 'Round The Sun - Every album Mastodon has evolved.  This one is no exception.  They bring a hauntingly eerie sound to this one catagorized by the nightmare cover art.

The Dollyrots / Barefoot & Pregnant - The cutest Pop/Punk available today.  Yes...I said cute.  The hooks are as catchy as you can get.  And this couple couldn't be any more adorable than they already are.

Lydia Loveless / Somewhere Else - Tortured and Troubled all by 24 years old.  Soulful and heart wrenching that is typically only understood after a lifetime of heartache.

HONORABLE MENTION - D'Angelo and the Vanguards / Black Messiah - Only an honorable mention because of its recent release.  Had this come out a month earlier it would have been a top 3.  D'Angelo makes the move from Barry White to Marvin Gaye with this release.  Politically and sexually charged, meaningful music that is dirty and gritty and sweet. He channels his predecessors from Al White to Prince.  Do yourself a favor and listen to this!

These were difficult decisions to be made.  I can't wait to hear your choices.  No one is right and nor one is wrong.

I will see you when the needle drops!



  1. So much awesome music was recorded this year! I'm with you on all the records, but my absolute fav of 2014 are probably the Swans.

    1. I believe they are coming around in concert again!!!


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