Thursday, December 11, 2014

If I Could Ask A.C. Newman Anything

I finally had a chance to see The New Pornographers in concert.  Instead of answering questions it posed so many new ones.

After the show I found myself giving an imaginary interview with A.C. Newman on the ride home.  Not that it would ever happen.  I have already pissed him off enough once to block me on Twitter.  That and the fact that I am not really anyone to be asking for interviews even though I have had a few questions answered on Twitter.

Although I find myself unblocked I do not thing I will press my luck.  I will just have to imagine what these answers might be.

1.  What part of being a musician makes you happy.

2.  What is more satisfying to you - writing a song that your fans adore or performing it live for them.

3.  Have you ever second guessed who should have done a vocal track on a song after the recording?

4. Can you live without the duality of your solo career and The New Pornographers at this point in your career?

5. Does one rely on the other? Is one more satisfying than the other?

6. Who are your musical inspirations right now?

7.  What are your career goals?

8. What is the proudest moment of your career?

9.  One of my favorite tracks by you is your cover of 'Love Goes On' by the Go-Betweens.  You have such eclectic musical tastes, is there any plans for a covers album?

10.  Where can I find that damn track?  Please make it available for purchase.

See you when the needle drops!


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