Monday, June 9, 2014

Rediscovered Albums - The Knack / Get The Knack

When I was a kid I HATED 'My Sharona' by The Knack. I remembered sing ape noises instead of lyrics when ever it came on the radio.  And it came on the radio often.  I couldn't escape it.  Even at the local community pool it would be blaring from a ready what seemed to be every 15 seconds. It was a number 1 hit and I loathed it.  Despised it.  At the time I felt as though I may have been the only one. I didn't understand what everyone else heard in it.  I felt like The Knack was Jim Jones and 'My Sharona' was Kool Aid.  I was NOT drinking the Kool Aid!!!

Maybe at the age of 8 I didn't realize that I liked power pop.  I liked Kiss.  That I knew.  I just wanted them to be over.  Eventually they would be and I could go back to Kiss...and the Bay City Rollers.  Don't judge me.

Many years later I discovered 'Good Girls Don't'.  Now that was a hit.  Power Pop with fun and attitude.  Any song that can toss in the lyics, "Until she is sitting on your face" is tops in my book.

How was this not the big hit?  I don't remember hearing this one on the radio but then again I was 8.  I loved thowing this song on mixtapes.  Oddly enough though I never listened to this album.  My sisters owned it.  And at one point or another I borrowed just about every one of their albums and made a tape of it except this one.  'My Sharona' killed it for me.  After discovering 'Good Girls Don't' I went back to give the album a listen. It still didn't really catch my attention.  I listened once and never went back. 

On a long drive on business I was listening to a playlist on Spotify that included 'Good Girls Don't' and I finally got the urge to listen to the whole album.

The lead track 'Let Me Out' is driving Power Pop...and I loves me Power Pop.  It is high energy guitars and teen angst wrapped in catchy harmonies.  It had my attention.  Song after song I got pulled further in.  Even the down tempo songs like 'Oh Tara' were catchy. When I finally got to 'She's So Selfish' I was about to orgasm.  Where had this been all of my life???

This was the epitome of  power pop.  Jangly guitars, delightful backing vocals, and riffing guitars.  I understand now how this album sold over a million copies in the first two months.  I was in heaven all the way until 'Frustrated' capped off the album.  Frustrated is another classic that seems so familiar and oh so good.

The knack never reached these heights again.  Then again, many bands put out multiple albums before releasing their swan song.  The Knack just happened to do it on the first try.  I had such a good time listening this time that I even sang along to 'My Sharona'!  Time seems to heal all musical wounds.  Even a song I hated how somehow made me smile.  I love when these things happen.  Sometimes tastes change.  Fortunately, the music never does. 

I will see you when the needle drops!


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