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Clutch @ The Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA 05/17/13

I've already mentioned that my oldest son wanted Clutch to be his first concert.  It was not to be.  Second time around my youngest son wanted his first concert to be Clutch.  He was 10 and I felt it was time and we had a FANTASTIC opportunity.  Clutch was playing a New Years Eve show at the Trocadero in Philadelphia I felt that would be a landmark first concert. would be a landmark concert anytime.  I was lucky enough to get two tickets and...then found out it was a 21 and older show.


I felt so guilty that I didn't go myself.  I couldn't even sell the tickets.  I figured his first show would end up being Big Time Rush.  Sigh.

A year later, out comes their new album, Earth Rocker.

What a fantastic album!  It was a return to what they do best...ROCK!  By far my favorite album since Blast Tyrant.  Its not progressive.  Its not experimental.  It is just balls out rock.  The last few albums didn't reach me.  I always kept going back to Pure Rock Fury and Blast Tyrant.  This was what I had been looking for.  Even the song sequencing even sets up the album as a side A and side B.  Every listen brings a new favorite.  From the squealing harmonica on D.C. Sound Attack! to the chilling imagery in Gone Cold.  I was hoping that I could finally get the chance to see them.

While we were on a road trip I was searching for when they were coming to Philadelphia. Tickets were about to go on sale for their upcoming show at the Electric Factory.  The Electric Factory is not my favorite venue in Philadelphia.  It ranks just above the TLA (Theatre of Living Arts) which still has the sloping floor from its theater days (at least it is on South Street).  The Electric Factory is a spacious factory which is too long in my opinion.  The bar is on a side balcony where you feel like you have been banished.  Regardless, I would take it.

The one thing I love about Clutch is that you can buy Presale tickets directly from their website and they do not include service fees.  I was able to get three tickets and it would be the first time that I would be taking both of my boys to a show.  It was shaping up to be an epic night.  Lionize and The Sword would be joining them on tour.  Nothing like an epic lineup for a first time show.

My son loves Blast Tyrant.

I would hear 'The Regulator' coming from his room...and I LOVE that.  I was hoping that it would live up to his expectations.

We got there early to buy our shirts.  The man at the counter asked my boys if this was their first show.  My youngest said it was his.  He smiled and gave them both full size decals free of charge. He then checked to make sure that I was making them wear earplugs.  Which I was.  That seemed to be a running theme all night.

The first band up was Lionize  which is a reggae rock band featuring guitarist Tim Sult from Clutch.  I knew it was going to be a late night when they didn't take the stage until 9:00.

I really enjoyed Lionize.  You can hear the traces of Clutch.

I was having a great time with the boys.  My youngest was enjoying the vibe of a live show.  Many people stopped by to talk to him.  We were perched at a lone table near the back of the venue.  They were asking if it was his first show and if he had earplugs.  It was a good Crowd.

After 10:00 The Sword took the stage.

I wasn't familiar with The Sword beforehand and I was pleasantly surprised.  My oldest and I have listened to them since.  They played a good show and the crowd was into it too.

The Sword is a Stoner Metal band from Texas.  They reminded me a lot of Black Sabbath.  Every time I hear them I think of a story my friend told me about how the lead singer tried to pick up his wife at a show right in front of him.  He asked his wife backstage and acted like he didn't exist.  Lol.  Glad to see this stuff still

It was after 11:00 now and Clutch still had not taken the stage.  My little guy was getting tired and his feet were hurting.  We stopped for a second to look at some of the artwork on the walls.

11:30 hit and Clutch FINALLY took the stage!!!

It was larger than life.  It was like getting punched in the gut with a hard rock fist.  And I liked it!!!

They opened with Earth Rocker and it rocked.  To match the intensity of the new album the set was comprised of songs from similar albums so we were going to be treated to a lot of Blast Tyrant as well.

Neil Fallon owns the stage.  He exudes pure power, pure rock fury.  When they played 'The Mob Goes Wild' it was a slice of metal heaven.

It was after midnight at this point and my little guy could not last any longer.  We decided to leave.  I was a little disappointed to not see the rest of the show but would not have changed anything about that night with my boys.  Both boys have had epic first shows.  As always, Clutch posts a photo after the concert.  This one was one of their best. 

See you at the next show!



  1. They came through here a while back but for some reason I couldn't go. Sounds awesome. Next time, I'll make sure I see them.


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