Monday, May 14, 2018

5 Bands To Listen To If You Like The Griswolds

Parties come in many glorious shapes and sizes.  Sharpie-graffitied foreheads and streaking through the quad may seem like great ideas at the time, but mostly they leave you filled with next-day regret. Uptight dinner parties find you loosening your tie and looking for the exit, or texting family members to fake an accident or even death. You need to party smart.  Uncork some music by The Griswolds and get an instant dance party filled with sing-a-long lyrics and danceable, high-energy drum beats. There are no regrets the next morning, except maybe a sore throat and throbbing thighs – and you can take that any way you’d like. Listening to The Griswolds starts the party, but how do you keep the party going? It is as simple as a mixed drink.  Add equal parts of the following 5 bands and stir for desired effect. 

Bad Suns – Jangly guitars, infectious drum beats, and sing-out-loud lyrics are all party necessities. Bad Suns bring all of these favors to your ears when you send them an invite. They also add a pinch of sexy that is guaranteed to bring the girls around to the fiesta.  No one wants to throw a sausage party.

MAYVE – Many mysteries plague man’s existence. Who built the pyramids?  Why can’t the Philadelphia Eagles win a Super Bowl? And why isn’t MAYVE famous?  These life-long friends from Long Island, NY spin 80’s inspired, pop music that is both danceable and fun.  Their videos even look like a party.  They are simply having a good time and it shows.


Cruisr – Partying with some of the best, Cruisr has already opened for Imagine Dragons and Bleachers without having released a full-length album. Homegrown in Philadelphia, they play music that makes it impossible not to move your body.  Kinda like if ghosts started playing the “Banana Boat Song” while you were entertaining out of town guests at a dinner party.  Start waving your napkins in the air – I have a feeling Cruisr are the Beetlejuice of the party.


Magic Giant – Hand-clapping, high-energy concerts are Magic Giant’s specialty.  Surprisingly, they compress that experience into a vinyl pill that that expands like Magic Grow sponge animals when you add alcohol. Listen all night and wake up hangover free with a smile on your face.  You won’t even feel the need to gnaw off the album sleeve to get away in the morning.


Duran Duran – Let’s go a little old school and give some recognition to the party originators.  These dashing Brits can be given credit for just about everything you’ve just heard above.  They are the alumni that come back for homecoming to show the millennial frat boys how it was done in the good old days.  Props.  Given.

No party is complete without The Griswolds.  Shake well and roll the tape.  Oh – and make sure I get an invite to this party.  Every party needs a DJ. See you when the needle drops.

See you when the needle drops!


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