Monday, July 3, 2017

Fran's Top 10 Songs of 2017 (So Far...)

It is that time of the year again where I prove to you that my musical taste is no better than that of a 14-year-old girl.  You'll be able to tell my selections this outing are more influenced by mainstream, adult-alternative radio. I've also used my listening stats from Apple Music, which is a first, and I'm a little surprised I listened to some of these songs as many times as I did.  Regardless, I hope that some of these are in your Top 10 as well.  Without further ado, please enjoy my Top 10 Songs of 2017 (So Far...).

"LA is Pretty (but it's killing me)" by Pacific Radio - Nothing but great reviews from their recent Bottlerock Festival performance have me scratching my head and asking, "Why is this band not famous yet?!?"  I have been a fan of this quartet since I was first asked to interview them for the release of their debut EP, Kitchen Table.  I could have easily chose any of the songs on this EP to put on this list, but presently this is the one doing it for me.

"Middle Fingers" by MISSIO - If I were a body part guess which one it would be?  WRONG!  This song sums up how I feel on most days.  If you know me in real life, then at some point or another I have given you the finger, even if it was behind your back.  I love the slacker, I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude of this song.  I almost never want to hear another MISSIO song because they struck gold on the first try.  Don't ruin it, guys.

"High" by Sir Sly - Oh, iHeartRadio, you win.  Your artist spotlight on Sir Sly had me singing this song in my sleep.  I don't know how much Interscope Records paid for Sir Sly's spotlight but it was money well spent.  I can't get the song out of my head.

"Feel It Still" by Portugal, The Man - This song makes me drive fast.  It is sleek and sexy. It makes me feel sexy when I sing it.  I am a sexy beast people. Portugal, The Man is hit or miss for me, but I respect them for not being pigeon-holed by one genre or sound.  If it occasionally produces songs like this, I will take it.

"Doing it for the Money" by Foster the People -  I love this version of Foster the People.  It shows growth and maturity.  They have come a long way since their days of "Pumped Up Kicks," and seemed to have struggled with their identity.  Who cares what your identity is as long as you are making good music.  This song is good music.

"From the Dining Table" by Harry Styles - I love the new Harry Styles album.  There.  I said it.  I am 46, have a mortgage and two teenage boys - both of whom roll their eyes at Harry Styles - and I don't care.  I enjoyed listening through and trying to identify his influences.  The Stones & Beatles? Ryan Adams? Beck?  The stark instrumentation sets the mood in the negative spaces.  This track is hidden at the end of the album like a comment whispered to someone after they've walked out of earshot.

"One of Us" by New Politics - Bring me your Queen and bring me your MCR.  Every New Politics album wears its influences on its sleeves. This song is no different.  Their music has a way of sounding oddly familiar without being a cheap imitation.  I can't wait for the rest of the album.

"Take It All Back 2.0" by Judah and the Lion - I like this song simply because it is different, and not in a Mumford and Sons way. It has a 90's Rusted Root feel to it.  An organic take on today's mainstream adult-alternative music.  I love that they have stuck to their guns and built a fan base doing the type of music they want to do.  Hopefully, that sound can expand past this album.

"Loveless" by Lo Moon -  This song transports me to another dimension.  The groove clears my head and takes me on a journey that I never want to end.  I truly believe you can't just make music like this.  It has to be a part of you.  I am completely impressed at the first offering from this young band and can't wait to hear more.

"Run" by Foo Fighters - I have a love/hate relationship with the Foo Fighters.  I go through phases where I feel that all of their material sounds the same.  Much like U2.  Then there are times that they release a song like "Run" and I am like, "Why is no one making music like this anymore?"  At this point they may be comfort food, but dammit, I want my pizza!

Honorable Mention: "I'm Still Breathing" by Green Day - This song is vinyl vindication.  That "Fuck You" song that you sing at the top of your lungs just to let everyone and everything know that they haven't broken you.  I'm still breathing fuckers.  You'll have to try harder.

See you when the needle drops!


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