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Steph's Top 10 Albums of 2016 - The Never Too Late Edition

I was supposed to put this countdown together for Fran a few weeks ago but then I kind of forgot I was going on a last minute trip to Orlando and didn't submit it.  Then school slammed me hard and I've written 15 pages of papers for my Survey of World History class in the last 7 days and have another 5 pages due tomorrow.  Think that doesn't sound too bad?  Go on.  Go type 15 pages of shit about shit no one cares about anymore and see how long it takes.  With references in APA style.  I'll wait.

Yeah.  I thought so.  Lesson learned?  Moving on.

So, tonight, NOT writing about the Bubonic plague or how shitty it was to live in Ancient China sounded really good and Fran shockingly hasn't changed the blog password yet so I'm getting this bitch done while I can.

If you'll recall, I wrote a Top Ten Songs (So Far) countdown midyear and some of those are covered here.  Just hit that dandy little link to go refresh yourselves if you'd like.  Otherwise, I'll post the albums in order, from number 10 to number 1, and post my favorite song from each album to give you a taste of why I loved each album so damned much.  As always, this countdown comes from my listening records, where you can stalk my listening habits at anytime your little heart so desires.  Please.  Stalk me.  Someone has to do it.

I will be extremely brief (yes, it is possible for me to be brief.  Asshole.) in my descriptions.  No time for flowery analysis here, folks.  Let's get down and dirty so I can get back to the American Revolution and that crazy ass tea party I totally would have participated in.

Apparently, based on my listening records in 2016, I'm still as angry as I was in my midyear countdown.  Here we go:

10.  The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser by Rob Zombie - That's a mouthful of a title but I've now seen this dude twice in concert and would pay good money to see him again tomorrow.  Rob Zombie is not just a Halloween staple to me.  It's a bit of a crazy album but let Zombie be Zombie, right?  Does this video depict a real life Zombie concert?  I've watched him from a paid standing room only seat to a press pass with photo pit priviledges.  It is every bit exactly as it is depicted here if not crazier and I love him for it.

9.  Kentucky by Black Stone Cherry -  This album was a late year, heavy rotation addition to my playlist or it would have been a whole hell of a lot higher in the countdown.  I find myself listening to them and Shaman's Harvest almost constantly lately.  This entire album is damned good but this song gets me.  Everyone should find their Medusa.

8.  Dark Side of Black by Texas Hippie Coalition - This video doesn't do this song or the band near enough justice.  I first heard of this band when it popped up in my suggested songs in Spotify on my drive home from Texas this past summer.  They made an instant impact on me and I particularly love this song, "Knee Deep."

7.  Undeniable by HELLYEAH -  I've been splashed by HELLYEAH'S lead singer, Chad's, fake blood while photographing this band in the photo pit at a concert.  They're loud, heavy, and bigger than life.  You can see my concert review of them here mingled in with my review of In This Moment.

I'll share a little story unrelated to the concert, if you don't mind.  My daughter and I were driving into a parking garage last summer.  It's a parking garage I hate because the ceiling is really low and I've had a panic attack in this same garage before.  I had already turned the AC all the way up and was taking deep, slow breaths.  My daughter Gracie said, "Mom, turn up the music to distract you."  This song was playing.  I turned it all the way up and we started headbanging.  A Dad about my age was standing next to his son, who looked to be about Gracie's age.  I stopped so they could cross in front of us.  They just stood there, mouths agape, the father with a totally disgusted look on his face, the son with a totally scared look on his face, as they watched us for as long as they could see my SUV.  Gracie and I were laughing so uncontrollably, I forgot all about the panic attack.  Thanks, Hellyeah!

6.  Gore by Deftones - I only liked a couple songs from this album but, as I wrote in my midyear countdown, a little good Deftones is better than no Deftones.  Chino, the lead singer of Deftones, writes all the lyrics and his get to me in a way no one else's does.  I devour them with every new album and always want more.  I haven't listened to music as I fall asleep in almost a year now, for various reasons, but when I did, Chino always sang me to sleep.

5.  The Ride by Catfish and The Bottlemen -  Adorable Brits with amazing, romantic lyrics song after song?  I'm in.

4.  Aggressive by Beartooth -  I don't know why they're still pissed (well, it varies from song to song) but I'm with them.  Anarchy.  And all that other shit.  After I finish my Survey of World History papers, though.

3.  ROCKISDEAD by Dorothy -  Bad ass.  That's all I got.  Except that if I ever start playing for the other team, Dorothy had better get a restraining order.  Because damn.  

2.  North Corridor by Chevelle -  I missed the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands of all time again this past summer due to school but you can bet I will plant my red hair in front of a stage for Pete and the gang again in the future.  You can read my first concert review of them here.

And for number 1.....

1.  Divides by The Virginmarys -  I interviewd Allie last year and I really enoyed talking to him.  This album, every single song on it, is indescribably good.  Heart wrenching lyrics with a fuck you, balls out attitude.  As you can see, I listened to the entire album a LOT and I continue to do so.  I'm a lyric whore, I've said it before, and his lyrics hooked me the first time I listened to the album, in a press preview before I even interviewed him.  I can't wait to hear more from this band in the future.  

Another year wrapped up, another year of gained perspective because my feelings dictate what I listen to every second I'm listening to music.  "Into Dust" by The Virgin Marys (above video) as my number 1 album and single of 2016, says what this last year held for me better than I can.  Since I value lyrics so much, each and every song holds meaning for me and tells a story of how this past year went down for me.  I bet if you take a look at your most listened to songs/albums of last year, you might see that pattern also.

I hope you have a great year!  See you here again, same time, same place, next year!  I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things and start reviewing concerts again really soon if Fran doesn't change the blog password on me.

Till next time, y'all!


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