Monday, October 17, 2016

Concert Review: Birds in Row @ The Voltage Lounge - Philadelphia, PA 10/11/16

This show was yet another I agreed to take with no prior exposure to the band or venue.  It's like a blind date, for me anyway, I've never been on a bad one. It's not always a love connection or even a physical attraction but every one was a great time for one reason or another.

To be blunt I was not into Birds in Row's sound. To be fare the venue's sound system did not help. The combination of the BIR's approach with the building's reverb produced a sound similar to a bootleg tape from the basement shows in New Brunswick, NJ of an screamo band from 2002 played on a jive ass tape recorder, thrown in a dryer with a couple of river stones and turned to permanent press. The band could have been killing it sonically but was absorbed by the small but cavernous venue.

I bring up the New Brunswick shows (I was only at 3 BTW but at one I saw the mighty 1.6 Band play!) because Birds reminded me of why I went to those shows. For the most part, it wasn't for the music. It was because of the positive vibe, the striving for betterment and the trimming away of things detracting from the positive mind set and passion. It was the combination of reading Kerouac and that community. I wasn't embedded in the community but I was impacted by its instilled values. I even carry at 44 in spite of spiritual clutter and mental dust. This is the message the Birds are here to deliver. I salute you my young friends!!!! They are sincere, have principles, and represent integrity.  Since I left the show I've been thinking of things that haven't crossed my mind in years.  I wont go into specifics, but that's what the purpose of this show was. It served me a proper dust up. I needed a tune up. I'm not into their sound but they made an impact on me!

Sonically, they aren't  shy about screaming. They are believers in strumming the bass and bombastic guitar work and athletic drumming. But I'll say again the sound system wasn't working for their approach. This was not an easy review. You really need to be a fan of this type of music to appreciate the sound. The message and vibe is a universal one, pursue something that lets you look into the mirror and know your doing something worth while.

I truly thank Birds in Row for the experience and the reminder of why I do what I do.

Keep the windows down and your eyes on the horizon!


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