Sunday, April 5, 2015

Album Review - Crash Midnight / Lost in the City

Whenever I sit down to review an album, I have to give it a few spins to let it fully saturate my senses— to see if it is really worth my time. Crash Midnight's "Lost in the City" is definitely worth the time. 

It's sleazy, dirty and gritty—and right up my alley. "Just another rock band" my ass. More like a rock band worth a shit amongst all the garbage put out in the last decade. This CD covers all of the sleazy bases, with plenty of head banging, foot tapping and hard rockin' to please any rock 'n' roll fan.

When first listening to a band, one thing that has to punch me in the face is the vocalist. If the vocalist sucks ass, the rest of the band doesn't mean a thing to me. That is, other than feeling sorry for the poor bastards for having a shitty singer who most likely suffers from LSES (Lead Singer Ego Syndrome) to boot. I'll be the first to quickly try to get rid of the suck that was served up on a silver disc, on eBay or some shit. Luckily, this is not the case with Crash Midnight.

If you are a fan of Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Taime Downe or even, one of my personal favorites, David Roach of Junkyard fame, you'll dig what Shaun Soho offers up here. The musicianship is also spot on with some of my favorite '80s bands that never got the respect or popularity they deserved. If you mix Junkyard, Salty Dog and Tora Tora with splashes of Buckcherry and Faster Pussycat, you get Crash Midnight—and a CD that will stay in your player for days, possibly weeks.

With a lot of reviews, folks will give their take on each and every song. I'm not going to do that here; not with this gem. Every song is solid.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the band does from here. These guys are a breath of fresh air and I hope their future is bright. If you like your hard rock leather-jacketed, Marlboro smokin', whisky snortin' and beer chuggin', give these guys a spin. You won't skip a tune. Not a single one. Guaranteed.



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  1. Blown away with just the video you posted!!! I am definitely checking them out. Thanks for the great review!


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