Sunday, March 22, 2015

Album Review - Hozier / Hozier

I never listen to the radio.  Yes, I am a music fanatic but I have a massive collection and most of my discovery comes from the streaming service Rdio.  So on the odd occasion that I happen to have the radio on I get hit with 'Take Me To Church' by Hozier, and it rocked my world.  That was not the type of song I expected to hear on today's alternative radio.  I felt like it was something that I would have first heard on a mixtape from a friend in high school.  I couldn't get enough of it.  But who the hell was Hozier?  I was about to find out.

When I queued up this album and noticed that 'Take Me To Church' was the lead off track I expected to have the rest of the album become forgettable by track three.  Instead, what I found was track after track of Deep, R&B and Soul influenced tunes with muddy bass lines and dark production.  The album became progressively better with each and every track.  To the point that I can't even pinpoint a stand out track to highlight.

Certain songs felt that they were cut from the same teeth as the Black Keys.  For an album this rich, Hozier must sure have grown up in Memphis, or New Orleans.

Hozier is from Ireland.

That is right.  Ireland.  And this isn't Commitments type soul.  Even with the string arrangements, undoubtedly influenced by Hozier's stint with the Trinity Orchestra, his music still comes across dripping with soul and as deep as it is dirty.

His vocals seem bourbon soaked and rich and he wears his influences on his sleeve.  It is not unbelievable that there have been five single releases from this album.  My only concern is that they are still being overshadowed as more and more people discover 'Take Me To Church', which was nominated for a Song of the Year Grammy.

I was concerned that people would not see that song.  But shortly after I heard it I noticed that Hozier was playing a small venue in Philly that was sold out immediately.  People knew.  Unfortunately, I found out too late and missed the show.  Now Hozier is on the Festival scene but I still feel his intimate music is meant for an intimate crowd.

If you get a chance listen to this one.  Not once.  Give it three listens before you come to a conclusion.  Let it sink in as you may not understand its brilliance right away.

I will see you when the needle drops!



  1. It really is an awesome album from which I didn't expect much at first. Damn it's good!!!

    1. I was expecting a one hit wonder. Man, was I surprised.


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