Tuesday, October 21, 2014

If I Could Ask Ryan Adams Anything

As a music lover and music writer I have always wanted to give an interview.  Sadly, as I do not write for a living this has not happened.  That does not stop me from dreaming though.  I often find myself writing questions for interview that would never happen like an MTV version of Rupert Pupkin.  I'm really not sure that I would be very good at interviews because I don't care what the reader wants to know.  It's more about what I want to know.  The other day I found myself writing questions for Ryan Adams (like that interview would happen).  Instead of throwing them I have decided to launch them into cyberspace like a flaming bag of dog shit.  Be careful what you stomp on.

1. Had anyone ever contact you to say have your instrument that you left when you went to record in Nashville?

2.  Being so prolific it's harder to come up with the music or the lyrics?

3.  Do you write better in a certain mood?

4.  What is your favorite arcade game?

5.  Rumor has it that you did an entire cover of the Stroke's 'This Is It'.  Is this true?

6.  How much material have you recorded that is unreleased?

7.  I have noticed that during the time period of your recordings with The Cardinals that you voice was not up to par but seems to be back in form with 'Ashes & Fire'  Is this due to a change in lifestyle?

8.  You have said that you hate country music but loved the challenge of writing it because of its honesty.  You created some of the most love alt-country music.  Does that mean that you don't love those songs or era of your career?

9.  If you could collaborate with anyone living who would it be?

10.  Given your best work, in your opinion, is it created during high drug usage or low drug usage?

There you have it.  I would love to know these answers.  Although I may never though them it doesn't stop me from pretending that interview is happening right now in my living room.  Maybe one day.

See you when the needle drops!


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