Monday, May 19, 2014

Independent Record Store Spotlight - Randy Now's Man Cave

A record store isn't just a place where you buy music.  It has to identify with you.  It is like picking the right clothing store.  Each one has its own personality and that personality has to be compatible with you.  When you find that perfect match it is like an oasis.  It is that happy place that you never thought really existed.  The wonderful thing about that match is that others just like you have made that same pilgrimage.  You meet others like yourself and you congregate.  You share.  You discover.  You interact.  Sure, music discovery exists on the internet.  And that is a huge part of my life.  But it does not replace the record store. 

My record store soul mate is Randy Now's Man Cave in Bordentown, NJ. 

The owner, Randy Ellis, booked concerts for the legendary City Gardens in Trenton, NJ which was recently chronicled in the book 'No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes'. A club that was a shining star for misfit youths and hosted seminal punk, new wave, alternate, and indie bands for over a decade.  He was also tour manager for bands like The Dickies and Suicidal Tendencies.  Randy is also the star of the upcoming documentary 'Riot on the Dance Floor'.

This man knows his music.  Like many that wield this knowledge he could easily be your stereotypical Rob Gordon record store owner.  But he is not.  Randy may be one of the nicest guys in the industry.  That sets him apart.  So does his wonderful taste in music.

When you enter it is Randy that you will meet behind the register.

Not only does he have wonderful stories but he is willing to share them.  His store is a beacon of hard to find punk, hardcore, metal, alternative, and new wave music on vinyl.  You can find an original Metal Box set by Public Image or the hard to find Shell Release of The Beatles Help album.  It also is a cool assortment of pop culture regalia.  Shirts, books, sodas, bacon, and more bacon.  To top it all off the prices are reasonable. 

It this all sounds too good to be true it even gets better.  Randy still books shows at a small local theater.  Many times they will do an in store signing and performance.  Recent shows include Peter Tork, Robyn Hitchcock, The Dickies, and Jonathan Richman.


If you are local to this shop it is a must visit.  If you are not local it is worth the journey.  This place calls to me.  Weekly.  I always heed its call.  Stores like this need us to survive.  And we need stores like this to survive.  It's a symbiotic relationship.

See you at the next Record Store Day!



  1. This is amazing! I love these kinds of record stores, you know you'll always leave with some dope music. Sadly, there aren't many in my living area :/!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Thank you Gita!!! The first time I visited the store I walked out with the 12" of Beastie Groove by the Beastie Boys and the limited edition 45 of Carbona Not Glue by The Ramones. I knew I had found my place! :)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. The Man Cave Is Open This Memorial Day Holiday Weekend
    Saturday 9:30 AM - 7:30 PM
    Sunday 12 Noon - 4:00 PM
    Monday - 12 Noon - 4:00 PM

  4. In Store Events /
    Sat. June 14 - LES THE MENTALIST - $ 5
    Sat. June 28 - STEVE KATZ (The Blues Project / Blood, Sweat, & Tears) - $ 20
    Only Thirty Tickets Are Available For Each Show.


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