Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CBGB Festival @ Times Square - New York NY 10/12/13 (Ice-T, Part 3 of 3)

I decided to walk to mile and a half up the Bowery to the next venue.  It is always a little intimidating walking a part of town in a city that I don't know.  Only its history.  I was pleasantly surprised by the revitalization of this part of town.  The outdoor cafes. The bustling night life.  I was truly enjoying the stroll in the wonderful weather when I quickly came up to my next destination.

As I walked up to Chez Andre there was a man outside trying furiously to get in.  They explained that the venue was at capacity and no one would be entering.

OH NOOOOOO!!!  I started to walk away hoping I could catch the Descendants documentary when the door man saw my Platinum VIP badge.  He yelled to me that I could go in.  I didn't ask any questions and hustled downstairs.

Chez Andre in a small East Village Night Club owned by Andre Saraiva.  When I walked downstairs the place was packed and there was a female rapper spitting old school hip-hop.  She was good but I am ashamed to admit that I do not remember her name.  But the night was so crazy you will understand why.

Ice-T was set to come on at 10.  When the opening act had finished I thought Ice-T would be next.  The MC came on and said the ICE-T had a special show for us and he had brought some friends along.  This was a surprise!

Taking the stage next was Dana Dane!

I had forgotten about him!  It had been years.  Dana spit out a couple of tracks including 'Cinderfella' and finishing with his signature 'Nightmares'.

Next they rolled out the 050 Boys from NJ.  They are a new trio that were given the opportunity to show what they could do.  They weren't bad.  It got a little exciting when they brought out a friend of theirs.  Treach from Naughty By Nature!!!

What a thrilll!  He performed 'O.P.P. and 'Hip Hop Hooray'.  I looked over in the crowd and Ice-T was standing in the audience enjoying the show himself.

I thought it couldn't get any better than this...until Dinca D came out from Lords of the Underground and performed 'Funky Child'.

They MC announced that newcomer to the field.  It was a 14 year old that they let take the stage.  I was impressed.  14, on stage, opening for Ice-T, and doin' his thing with Bravado.

Now, we were told, they were taking this Underground.  Treach said the next acts write rhymes that inspire him.  Taking the stage was Smooth Da Hustler and Trigger Tha Assasin.  I didn't know them but Damn I should!  They were good.  I've looked them up on Spotify since then.

Finally, it was time!!!  Ice-T took the stage and exclaimed,

"I have money on the floor, money falling out of my pockets, money in the fridge, but I will still rob yo ass".

We were almost face to face.  What a rush.  He played a killer set including 'Colors' and my personal favorite ' New Jack Hustler'

He sounded great.  The audience was rapping along word for word.  The other artists were just to the right of me in the lounge enjoying the show just the same that Ice-T had done for them.  This was Killer!!!

For as much as I was enjoying this, just like the rest of my night, I had to go.  If I left know to catch the next train I could get home by 2:00 am and get a couple hours of sleep before the early start the next day for the soccer tournament.  I was shocked when I walked outside and grabbed a cab immediately.  He asked me which train I was trying to catch and got me there just in time.

The train ride was a little over an hour.  I got a chance to finally sit and relax without rushing to the next point.  And that was not a complaint.  It was an hour of reflection.  Reflection of a great night.  A week ago I had no idea that this would even happen and today I am riding home stunned at what a fantastic night I had.  Music always brings me to this point.  It always has and it always will.

About a week later I was contacted again by them to let me know that part of my prize pack was a classic CBGB shirt that they would put in the mail.

I now see this festival for what it is.  A celebration of music.  And it was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

See you at the next show!


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